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 Types of Reading Consultations now available 


Please note that I only offer 4 to 6 personally typed sessions per month, due to the energetic light upgrades, that require time to acclimate, assimilate and translate into practical, usable day to day living, to assist in integrating, balancing and living through higher light and heart center, in as “normal” a way possible to our changing everyday life. Continue scrolling to Reading Consultations available.


 Learning and Awareness are the greatest stepping stones, to the discoveries of our Soul’s Inner Truth 




Article Format Consultation $75

This is a 3-4 page consult, typed in article format; allowing for a more simplified understanding of the energies calling to you.


3 Question Insight ~$75

Again, no predictions or outcomes.  If you would like to get a sense of what I do and how you are guided, in the most basic of understanding, then this is a good place to start, as this will give you a sense for where you are in your journey and if you are indeed ready to take a journey, deep within, your inner self, intuition and core knowing.


Personality/Soul Reading~ $100

This type of reading requires your full birthday to understand the energies you came into this life with and where you are in your awakening journey. They represent your inherent potential and purpose in this lifetime.


Your Growth Year~ $100

This type of reading utilizes your birthday and the current year.  This reading assists you in understanding the lessons and experiences for the current year-birthday to birthday.  Your growth year represents all the possibilities, opportunities and expansion that come with the challenges for growth and change. 

 Alleister Crowley Thoth Tarot $110

Basic intro to understanding the changes now calling for attention

(No predictions)

This is the type reading that will guide and assist you into connecting to your inner voice; where your emotional energy is stuck…if you are thinking with your mind on how you are feeling and how your energy centers (chakras) are flowing.


Channeled Typed Reading Consultation~$175

Part 1 of this reading: is a 10-15 page reading and at times, can be upwards of 20 pages.  The number of pages are dependent of where you are in your journey and how much information our logical minds are needing to take in, knowing that the more that we take in the practical and healed insight, the better able we are in training our minds/logic and intellect to begin to think from awareness, healing and knowing at all times.

This type of reading provides in more detail how and why we are all experiencing change in our lives now. 

Part 2 of this reading answers any and all questions you have about the changes, pain or sensitivity you are feeling.  Again, remember, (none of these readings provides an outcome or predictions.)  As we begin to trust in our evolution for a new way to think and we give ourselves permission and allow for ourselves to get out our way to healing from within, we are not only actively participating with our healing, we are also beginning our descent into our emotional and feeling bodies, allowing our reconnection to our inner selves, inner knowing and intuition and then, from this point, what we are called to bring into our lives (our wishes that our steeped in heart centered knowing) is called to our lives, not because we can manifest our desires and create our lives, but because we took the time to bring, seek out, search and gather new information, to assist ourselves in our journey back to healing and wholeness.  Our healing is what will bring to our lives, what we are most resonant and in alignment with.

Part 3 of this reading becomes about the tools that are utilized through every test, experience, challenge and lesson.  The repetition of working with this information from part 3, now begins to bring you into the mindset of right action, right thinking and going within, for if we do not understand how to feel at peace, safe and comfortable while in the midst of our triggers, pain, tests, lessons and experiences, then the emotional push continues to overload our emotional and feeling bodies.

By utilizing the tools constantly, consistently and regularly, it becomes second nature and then the remembering to utilize soul wisdom at all times, allows for us to move through our test and lessons at a much better rate.

I know that this sounds very practical and logical, however, as a bridge and a guide, providing the practical, while feeling so very deeply, the mind begins to learn how to take in the information, in practical ways, so that we are better able to understand that each and every time, that we utilize resonantly healed insight and information, we begin to understand, that the practical aspects to our healing, is something that we are able to do.


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