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“Empaths: Extreme Sensitivity and It’s Many Levels Pushing and Calling to Us”

April 25, 2017


Lately, I have noticed many posts and sharings on the extreme levels of sensitivity: anxiety, depression, fear, mood highs and lows, bouts of crying, feeling lost, confused and not knowing what to do.


From a normal, what ever is deemed normal these days, this is alarming and scary…something is happening to all those sensitives and the sensitives are not knowing what to do, how to feel it and to sort it through, where to go to gain insight and understanding and this article is to share that there is a way through it, however, the tricky part to this is not only do we need to not be afraid to feel it to figure out what we are feeling, if what we are feeling is coming from others or around us, how much of what we are feeling is ours to feel, how to navigate through this intense feeling and how to consistently and constantly manage our feelings, we need to begin to seek out healed insight and information.


As a reader, healer, teacher and guide to our inner awakening to our sensitivity and all the forms it comes in, what I share is from many, many years of my own journey through this very intense and overwhelming feelings at all times. My healing and understanding did not take place until I finally found a cutting edge approach with a therapist/counselor when I was 25.  That was 35 years ago, with 34 moves in 26 years to learn and understand how to translate into practical and usable understanding through each level of intense sensitivity that called to my life.


For the sensitive, there isn’t only one level of sensitivity…from a very human understanding, we deal with sensitivity within our thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, attitudes, behavior, wounds from our past and if your sensitivity runs deeper, meaning it’s soul called, then we are dealing with aspects of metaphysics, psychic and intuitive awareness, spirituality, consciousness and energy.


I have lived through every single one of the highlighted aspects of sensitivity since I was 5 years old.  I had a deep inner intuitive calling to learn how to deeply feel it all, even if it wasn’t mine to feel.  The reason for this process in this way, was because while being extremely intuitive and being a tarot card reader (back in the day) this is what taught me how to feel it, organize it, guide me to what was honestly mine to process, learn how to put it to words and learn how to share it in practical terms for others beginning their awakening to their extreme sensitivity.


Back in the day, I had migraines all the time, until I was guided to begin opening psychically, not as a way of prediction, but as a way to become a participant to the healing of my sensitivity and the wounds that called for healing and understanding, as well.


In the beginning of my discoveries, I would put the metaphysical bubble of protection around myself and others.  I would pray and do affirmations, however, the more reading I did for my clients and students, the more that my energy changed, the more that my energy changed the more that I noticed that the beginning tools I utilized were no longer helping me, pushing my extreme sensitivity into extreme overload.  But once again, because of my deep level of intuition, I was guided to my next step of discoveries; however, these discoveries did not come easy.  These discoveries took me through the deepest and darkest place of my soul, not because I was a bad person, but because I was an extreme and ultra sensitive that needed to actively and consistently participate with my healing.


Our anxiety, wounds, pain, extreme overload becomes painful, because our minds know that we are feeling something, however, the mind does not know what to do or how to process what it is feeling and so our sensitivity and feelings go into overload.


What is unfortunate is not many people know how to address this level of sensitivity, not because they are bad or doing something wrong, but if you hadn’t gone through the experience of a process like this, not only do you not know what to look for, you start to believe there isn’t a way out.


Our sensitivity demands; and in much gentler times calls for us to know what we are feeling consistently throughout the course of our day.


Our sensitivity calls for journaling, especially if we have something going on with another that we either, do not know exactly what we are feeling and so don’t know what words to use.  Journaling allows everything that we are feeling in our thoughts, emotions and feelings to be put onto paper, getting the energy out of our body and allowing for a lift in the pressure.


Back in the day, yes, as I journal I ranted and vented, because there were times I was not given the opportunity to work it through with others that were involved and so, once my venting stopped on paper, I would pull a tarot card for a spiritual understanding about the purpose to the experience.  Oh, my human side was in true bitch mode, however, because I am reader, guide, and healer and deeply, deeply intuitive, I began to feel the sensitivity pressure lift.  


At first it was just a feeling, however, the more that I utilized this technique the more I began to understand what I needed to do to begin clearing through understanding and feeling. And so, I would do the human thing: rant and bitch and cry if that was what was needed and then I would do the teacher thing:  seek out the true spiritual purpose to the experience.  I found that working with the Aleister Crowley deck worked extreme well, for the cards were a journey through the dark night of the soul for a deeper and greater understanding. 


All of this went into a journal and I had to own it and if I did anything contrary to my healing, needless to say, I would go into extreme overload and finally decided to stop doing it this way.  I had to own that it wasn’t helping me and in fact, made me feel so much worse, that now I had double the work to heal and clear the extra pressure I put onto myself. I had to own the unhealthy triggers from relationships that did not have the same intention to healing and understanding, again, not because anyone was bad or wrong, but because we were on different timelines to understanding the healing, necessary to our sensitivity.


And as a teacher, reader, healer and guide, I had to own and accept that my awareness was moving at a much faster rate and this was just the way that it was.


Our sensitivity needs to learn the art of focused breathing or meditation, not as a way to avoid, deny, escape or hide from what we are feeling, but to allow the stillness to guide us to a quiet place of feeling and contemplation, learning how to feel it all the way through; the beginning of the feeling, where it feels so uncomfortable.  The middle of the feeling, where the pressure begins to life and finally through the end of the feeling, where you can finally learn how to be at peace with just being in the stillness.  All of this to sort it through.


Our sensitivity needs and requires many levels of healed insight and information…meaning, that we begin reading about our emotions and feelings and sensitivity.  In the process of reading for the first and beginning levels of sensitivity, we highlight what absolutely means something to us in the midst of the experience of overload, in each moment that we have this experience. We take this highlighted information and we put it in our journal along with whatever the experience was in the moment.


 Yes, to the thinking mind, it may appear to be kind of whacko to do this, however, once we get into the habit of learning how to heal with healed information, in the midst of the experience, we are learning how to participate and be responsible to managing our sensitivity and the many levels and forms that it calls for each unique experience.


Our sensitivity needs are participation; consistently and constantly, until this way of thinking becomes second nature to our lives.  As we grow and learn about ourselves at this level, we become stronger; we learn what or who triggers us.  We learn to accept that we are wired differently.  We learn that our participation to our well being is necessary and the way to live for the rest of our lives.


There is nothing wrong with us…it’s just that the energy on the planet is shifting into the divine feminine and the divine feminine is calling for us to feel.  Healed feelings allow us to make better decisions and live a better life.  However, our deep inner sensitivity is a Soul Calling and will require a journey through the Dark Night of Our Soul, so that we are able to finally shine the light of understanding for how to heal and accept who we are as Awakening Empathic Sensitive’s.


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 Utilizing the Past as a Guideline for Healing in Our Now and Present Moment

December 3, 2016


Since my “psychic” discoveries started in 1987, I have heard many times over the years, “the past is over, there is nothing that can be done about it.”  


From a very human perspective, yes, this is true; however, from an empathic sensitive’s sensory feeling this is not something that can work.  Because we are coming into a time where healed insight, information, understanding and awareness are greatly needed, to make informed and healthy decisions, we are required to go back into our past, to understand where and how our (extreme) sensitivity came from,  what patterns and imprinting did we pick up along our way, because let’s face it, extreme sensitivity, when there is no understanding, has the ability to absorb emotional patterns and imprinting from around us and within our environments.


When we move through our life without the necessary understanding to our sensitivity, as we absorb the unseen energies of our environment, we begin to take on these patterns as if they are our own, not as a judgment or this is bad, but more for the ability to feel this unseen feeling and energy as if it is our own.  An extreme sensitive won’t understand where the inner separation and boundaries are from within them and so, begin to take on the patterns and imprinting from around them. For me, had I not had the right counselor to teach and guide me to begin working with my sensitivity in my early 20s, my intuition, as my psychic discoveries began would have been colored and overlaid with my outer environments, not giving me a clear picture or a clear sense of my own inner feeling and emotions and what I was picking up from my environment.


And no, this was not the most easiest path, much less the most convenient path to travel.  This path was a most difficult path to travel and in the beginning, was most intensely impossible.  I was forced, through overriding intuition and guidance, to burn a lot of bridges and connections with many people.  The grieving stage that went with this had me buckling at my knees, with intense and profound grief…but with that being said, as an extreme empath, energy reader, teacher and guide, this was the nature of my path.  Without the extreme difficulties that came with my awakening, I would never had have the true opportunity to learn about my energy field, my patterns and imprinting, the feel of energy that went with each level of discovery, where my energy field began and ended and when another’s energy field began and ended.  The difficulty and grief of the path of the Dark Night of the Soul was my greatest gift and greatest teacher.  For a long time, I was flying blind, at least humanly, mental and intellectually speaking and yet, although there was no logical understanding to the purpose of this intense emotional pain and grief, my intuition was speaking loudly and clearly and so armed, with intuition as my guiding light, I found myself backtracking through my emotional past, reading as much as I could, to learn the human dynamics of emotional sensitivity.  And while in the midst of this discovery, had new levels and layers of intuition and sensory knowing becoming a part of my awakening at the same time. As I did one thing to learn the nature of my sensitivity, I was clearing the path to my deeper intuitive and psychic connection.


Now, as I look back and see how all the pieces connect to each other, I know that the way that I was guided allowed me to clear, heal and understand not from a place of judgment, but from a place of clarity and understanding the purpose of going into my emotional past, utilizing this timeline as a guiding light to participating with my emotional and feeling sensitivity. For the longest time, this journey was my burden, and it is only now, that although I still feel battle weary from breaking through so many inner barriers to connect my mind and my heart, through consistent participation, this has now become my gift.


Although tired, I feel emotionally stronger for having worked through each and every trigger, challenge, obstacle, and negative while in the midst of each and every one of these feeling experiences.  Oh, in the beginning, there was lots of kicking and screaming and major WTFs going on, but as I once again look back, even this has its purpose for understanding.


Going back into our emotional past, with healed insight and information, begins to develop a better picture for how we are wired, what our needs are, where and who to spend time with,  what will burn us out and what will support us.  It will also teach us where our boundaries are and most importantly, when to say no.  Of course, this is all trial and error; it’s part of our learning and discovery process.

I learned my lessons well and what the true purpose for what our emotional past can teach us and how to truly navigate our Shadow/Dark Night of the Soul.


As extreme sensitives, our past is our greatest teacher to a better understanding and how to tend to our inner needs.  With healed insight and information as our new guidance, there is no need to get rid of, or deny, or escape, or avoid our emotional past, however, the best way to strengthen our inner sensitivity. By not getting rid of our patterning, our new healed insight and information becomes transformed and included in who we are.We need our past, to understand how to make healed and informed decisions, from a place of wholeness.


Transforming our pain through our participation to our healing is the very thing that brings us into wholeness.


As always, we are all in this together. 


Take your time in your discoveries…take a breath…slow down when you can…clarity and understanding will always follow.


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Participation to our Healing



In 1982, I was 25 years old.  Most of the time I was happy and then there were times when sadness would hit, causing me to feel completely overwhelmed and hopeless in terms of feeling my sensitivity and my deep emotional childhood wounds.


One day, during lunch with my boss and friend, we were sharing stories about our lives.  When she finished her story, all I could do was stare at her in disbelief and want to cry, wondering how this woman had survived the experiences of her life.


It was now my turn to share. When I finished my sharing, I asked her how she had gotten through her experience and then she told me about a counselor that had helped her work through her grief and teach her how to participate in her healing process.  After my boss heard my story, she recommended that I talk to this counselor.  This counselor offered a free consultation to see if we were the right fit for each other.  And so, I called this counselor, talked to her for a bit and committed to going in for the free consultation.  I had a good feeling about her just from our phone conversation.


And so the day for my appointment came.  I admit, I was a little nervous.  Would she really be the right fit for me?  Would I get the help, assistance, insight and guidance during my sessions, or would her sessions be about giving me a prescription for my sensitivity and just sit for an hour each week unloading my wounds.  The fact that I was only 25 and asking these questions kind of freaked me out and yet, I knew that they were important questions that I needed to ask myself and these questions would come years prior to my psychic and intuitive awakenings and discoveries.


Well…I had my appointment and even had I not committed to 2 sessions weekly for one whole year, in that moment during my free consultation, so much was accomplished.  And if I felt like something was accomplished during my hour free consultation, then I knew that this gal was the right fit for me and worth committing to for 2 sessions weekly, for one whole year.


In these sessions, the time spent was not about unloading, dumping, getting rid of, denying, avoiding, escaping or making believe I was fine.  These sessions were about answering questions about my feelings, staying focused and on course to my process and committing to doing my homework in between my sessions.  I was being guided to self responsibility and self participation for my healing to take root.


Knowing that I needed assistance in understanding my sensitivity and the dynamics of my family life, working with this gal was the greatest gift that I could have given to myself.  Little did I know, because she had a cutting edge approach to this type of counseling, this would become my framework for what was to come in my psychic and intuitive awakenings and discoveries, just two short years later.


And so the purpose of this sharing is the way that I work with each client or student is about utilizing deep intuitive and sensory knowing and learning how to navigate through the deep emotional feelings, sensitivity and wounds; in essence asking ourselves the difficult questions, allowing ourselves to feeling our sensitivity, whether intense or extreme, or at times both, learning how our sensitivity is actually our soul calling, acknowledging that we are sensitive, acknowledging what is the right fit with our lives; our jobs, relationships, where we live, who is a part of our lives, where our boundaries are; do we say yes, when we should say no, everything that makes us who we are within our emotions, feelings and sensitivity, which eventually awakens us intuitively.


For once we begin acknowledging this aspect of ourselves, the emotional and feeling wounds of our past, begin to clear with true awareness and understanding, because we are no longer on the sidelines to our inner emotions, but now acting as full participants to our inner selves.


I was extremely fortunate that I was presented with the right counselor.  I could not imagine being in counseling all those years ago, just to unload and never make any headway in understanding my sensitivity, understanding how to live with my sensitivity, understanding how I am wired from within and understanding that although this sensitivity doesn’t make me better than anyone else, it does, however, give me a heads up about where I fit into my life and what I need to do to remain in balance and aware of this aspect of me all the time.


The world we live in is changing and these changes are coming from our emotions and feelings needing new information; to make informed, insightful, compassionate and kind decisions, not only for ourselves but for each other, as well.


Yes, this is a most simplified version, however, once we get the hang of connecting to our inner selves the right and most balanced way, this soon will become the 100th monkey and domino effect for us all.


As always, one breath, one step and at time and…




We are all in this together.


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