~ A Soul Awakening ~




 Calling Our Emotions Home




Let’s face it…being extremely sensitive is not an easy way to live.  I should know!  I have been sensitive or at least aware of this, since I was 5 years old.

It seemed that the harder or more challenging life became, the more sensitively intuitive I became.

And now, as a teacher/healer/guide on this awakening path, called life and 34 moves, 24 years later, with many, many, many experiences to teach/guide and show me how to function and get through my day(s) it has become time to start sharing this information through my site.

I am also clairsentient, deeply intuitive, ultra sensitive, emotionally aware and a sensory feeler. 

The higher I climb in my awareness, which on my best day, isn’t always an easy day, the deeper I am called to ground my awareness through every emotion and feeling that runs through me, always bringing me back into balance, calm and alignment.

Today’s article is about how to live with our emotions and feeling; Allowing our emotions to live inside of us and be able to function in as healthy a manner as possible.

From the perspective of an ultra sensitive; with a background in metaphysics, spiritual awareness, consciousness and energy, when we do not accept or acknowledge or better yet, feel our emotions and our feelings, to a sensitive, tuned into this part of life, this energy is going to feel dense and very heavy; pretty much like walking into an invisible wall.

When we are not comfortable feeling our emotions and feelings, this energy lingers in the environment, until others around you, begin acting from autopilot and lashing out.  I know, emotions and feelings and dealing with our inner and at times, secret behaviors does not feel good, however, when we allow ourselves to accept, learn and understand this aspect of ourselves, we are then, no longer comfortable with discarding or dumping this aspect of ourselves onto others or into our environment.  When we allow ourselves to feel, with the intent to understand and heal, we are then better able to make informed decisions in our life.

From a metaphysical and spiritual perspective, this path of awakening is the ascension path also; meaning that we are being afforded opportunities to bring healed and informed information to our lives; emotions, feelings, attitude, behavior, moods ~ those secret behaviors that live inside all of us, as we try hard to hide who we are or how we are feeling.

Trying to hide who we are and how we are feeling…there is no way to make this part of us disappear.  In fact, I am here to say and share, that the more that we try to put a positive spin on what we are feeling, or at the very best, hope that it just picks itself up and go away, the possibility of feeling worse now becomes the theme. 

How do I know? 

When I was teaching psychic/intuitive development and the Tarot, back in the mid to late 80s, I was a sensitive, even then, feeling lots of inner pressure.

My saving grace back then was, being guided to a counselor, that had a very cutting edge approach to sensitivity;  homework and commitment to follow and learn about this aspect of myself, 2x’s a week, for one whole year.  This counselor did not just want my money.  She was invested in providing true guidance and learning about healthy boundaries for myself and the others around me.

Being extremely sensitive is not a bad thing; however, it’s not an easy thing, either.  However, being extremely sensitive means that we are wired differently and our emotional and feeling needs will be different than our family and friends. 

Again, not a bad thing, just something different…but different is important to learn about.  It is the only way to learn how to address the inner pressure, that doesn’t go away with food, or spending money or distractions, to being so busy, that we become too tired to feel and too tired to really care about feeling. 

The inner pressure is there for a reason. 

Have you had a chance to look around lately? 

Life has gotten somewhat complicated.  Things are not as easily solved through “normal” channels anymore.  The reason being, we are missing an important aspect of ourselves; our emotions and feelings.  And because enough energy has accumulated in busying ourselves to distraction, in the high hopes of avoiding those uncomfortable feelings, this avoidance has created a tipping point in life, where not feeling, produces a lack of conscience to how we are putting ourselves out there and better yet, how we may be affecting others by not feeling. 

It’s created enough of a tipping point in life, for us to finally notice how things are happening around us and what is no longer working.

In order for us to find the right path or the right course of action for our sensitivity or the needs of our own individual lives, we are going to have to learn how to feel the inner pressure, pushing at our feelings.

Now, not to cause concern, there is more than one level of sensitivity and this will be covered in another article.

One of the many things I have learned through the many, many challenges, obstacles, negatives, and trigger points in my life was to participate with my feelings.  You wonder how is it possible to participate? 

 ~By learning how to tune in throughout the course of our day. 

~Learning breathing techniques.

~Learning the level of sensitivity we are feeling/generating.

~Learning how to ask ourselves, from within what are we feeling.

~Learning how many levels of sensitivity are we feeling; is it emotional in nature?  Is it a high degree of feeling?  Is it psychic and intuitive?  Is it metaphysical?  Is it spiritual?  Is it energetic?  Is it sensory overload?

Each one of these aspects/levels of sensitivity, carry their own emotional component to the levels of awareness.

If you find yourself drawn to metaphysics…understand and learn how you tick on an emotional and feeling level.

If you are drawn to spirituality…understand and learn how you tick on an emotional and feeling level...for each level or perspective you feel drawn to, coming back into your emotional awareness and emotional intelligence, is key to strengthening your foundation to deeper and higher awareness.

I have begun to notice this really interesting and at times scary occurrence taking place;  as we crave to connect to something deeper; whether it is metaphysics, psychic development, spirituality, we begin increasing our aura/energy field.  However, as we increase our energy at this level, we begin to through the unhealed and unaware emotions and feelings out of balance; meaning if there has been any painful experiences in our lives, that have not come into understanding and healing, we begin to amp up the imbalances, from the painful patterns and imprinting of our past.

Whatever we feel drawn to learning, we are drawn to it, because our soul voice is at the beginning stages of making itself known to us, on a more practical day to day level.

I have seen and experienced much on this journey to awakening.  Most of it has not been easy, just because of the levels of sensitivity and awareness that I came into this life with.  And although, most of it has not been easy, one thing I have always needed for my sensitivity, is a true way to feel, understand where my boundaries are, understand when I am responsible for my energy or when another needs for me to be responsible for their fears to feel and to always find an appropriate source of information, even if just working with the Tarot, to troubleshoot and navigate myself through a trigger point.

For each time that I needed and was called to be fully present to the pain of a trigger point, and allow my techniques and tools to guide me through it, I found, that with commitment, focus, discipline and practice, until this became second nature to my life, I became stronger from within and was better able to utilize deep intuitive and sensory knowing, not for shortcuts or to bypass what is important, but to eliminate emotional steps, that did not need to be a part of my healing.

As I am still transitioning from one level of awareness to another, which means that I am pulled deeper within, this NEW ARTICLE page will become a work in progress.

What you will get from my site and what I share, is the truth, to the best way to navigate through our sensitivity, eventually, becoming comfortable and building a strong foundation, to access your own soul’s knowing.

What is shared in consultations or articles is through how I was called in learning how to feel and heal, while being fully present to the absolute discomfort, of the learning experience.

There may be a part II to this article…I will wait to see and feel how the energy calls to me.

What I will cover are the many levels of sensitivity and the tools and techniques that have assisted me through my awakening.  



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