~ A Soul Awakening ~


Pandora’s Box ~ An Inner Journey



Once…a very long time ago, The Call for Awakening was sent out. All who would respond would travel great distances; the distances would be the unseen path of “feeling” great sorrow and pain. And…in these travels through our inner landscape, a new discovery would surface…HOW TO FEEL. It would be in these moments of great sorrow that “FEELING” would awaken.

In this FEELING was the AWAKENING and within the AWAKENING was that memory of HOME. HOME however you would define it would be moments of joy in heaven or on earth. In this moment, you knew that you were home, within your self, even if it was just for that moment. THE FEELING OF THE MEMORY was strong enough for recognition and acknowledgment. However, in these travels of great distances, the memory of home became a burden too great to bear.

What was seen with our human eyes, did not match the memory or feeling of home. The memory of home became too intense too FEEL, while feeling sorrow and pain.

One day a gift was offered. It was Pandora’s Box. For all who had the courage to look and to feel, to have the courage to get to the other side of the greatest of sorrows…HOPE was there waiting to be found, yes…FAITH and TRUST were present, too! These were the codes of remembering and this remembering would be the bridge back home…and yet, there still remained another catch to this all…full feeling and full acceptance of sorrow and pain. It is because everything is energy, bringing our sorrow back into our hearts, offered the greatest of compassion for true healing to finally begin. 

But…it wasn’t as simple as that.  We would be called to begin to gather information, awareness, insight and healing through many levels of understanding…for this was the way to begin in expanding our minds and thought processes, along with assisting our emotions and feelings back into clear feeling balance and alignment; our feeling of home; that connection to our soul!

This was the secret in Pandora’s Box…this was the gift waiting to be found…and so the journey continues.

The journey has now evolved into the evolution of our humanity/ascension awakening. The skills we are learning, accessing and developing have now become the bridge for our journey home, but again, remember…this journey home, is a journey within our emotional and feeling bodies, for once healed, not by getting rid of what makes us feel pain, but what allows us to feel our pain and bring much needed understanding, insight and awareness, within the trigger point, within the moment, this is our inner journey home.

It is our time now to open The Magic of Pandora’s Box and discover new ways to heal and understand. It is in the sharing, without agendas, score point systems or the one upping, that true, heart centered healing can begin.

This awakening is a journey through the thoughts of our past, our emotions and our feelings.  It is by bringing much needed healed awareness and understanding to the thoughts of our past, which will allow us to realign our emotions and feelings and assist in foundationing a stronger connection to our intuition/inner knowing/higher self/soul awareness…through the healing of our emotional and feeling bodies.

This guided handbook is coming soon, to assist the many now awakening to the calling of their soul.

What will be shared in this guidebook will be from the many experiences/triggers and challenges that called for deep inner healing, through the many levels of sensitivity, sensory feeling and deep soul intuition.

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