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 “Shining the Light”

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The Necessity of Understanding our Emotions, Feelings, Sensitivity;

The real meaning of extreme and ultra intuitive and sensory feeling



 Sensitives need to know and understand the depth of their sensitivity, not based on how anyone else deems it appropriate, but based on how they are wired.

Sensitives need to learn how to sort through their emotions and feelings first.

Sensitives need to have the opportunity to work with someone that allows them to share the importance of their sensitivity, but be able to participate in their healing at the same time.  Wise direction and guidance is necessary from the counselor for the opened sensitive.

Sensitives need to gather healed insight/information; meaning, reading, to become informed; allowing the mental, logical and intellectual self evolve its knowledge to begin to learn how to feel, manage and navigate through their sensory feeling; while learning how to know what is their emotions and feelings and feeling their emotions and feelings first.

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A Soul Calling:

A Guide to Living Life as a Sensitive  

30  page guidebook available for $22.00


“We have been taught that this aspect of life is not important, however, if you look around at all that is happening in the world, our very sensitivity is what is needed more than anything, now.”


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 This guidebook that I am sharing has some of my awakening experiences interwoven with the insight and information that I was called to utilize, during some intense and extreme learning experiences.  What has been shared within my story and acting as a guide to your awakening is learning how to bridge the intensity and extreme feeling sensitivity, with healed words/insight and information; creating that bridge between the unaware and overwhelming sensitivity within the personality of our emotions and feelings; once cleared and healed with the practice of insight and information, allows for sure footing, living with sensitivity every moment of every day.


Although, I could have made this more of a teaching guidebook, it has become a bit more important to share some of my story as a guideline, to assist in showing you that the intensity of how our inner spirit moves us, comes in all shapes and sizes. Wherever you may be experiencing any kind of intensity and feeling pressure in your life, is the part of your life calling for a better and healed understanding, so that your life becomes about understanding your emotions and feelings and how to apply healed insight to the intensity.  I know that this can be a bit daunting and almost impossible to feel, however, I also know that once we step into the pressure and discomfort, acknowledge and accept that you are feeling something, and then allowing for healed insight to guide you forward, each time that this is done, you become stronger and you become more informed and aware of your sensitivity and how to proceed forward in all areas of your life.



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