~ A Soul Awakening ~



The Very Basics in Dealing with Change 


 I am an empathic sensitive and intuitive energy reader, which has now translated into sensory feeling, awareness and knowing…and most likely more, however, still working on the details to the fine print on this one!

Change has been a constant and my “norm” for 34 moves in 24 years. Back in the mid to late 80s, I began awakening on a very deep psychic and intuitive level. I was guided to teach this awakening, however, this awakening created massive and major change in my life.

Change became a constant. It didn’t start out being easy. I did not have the tools to logically process what was happening, but I continued following my intuitive sense; allowing for the right understanding to come to me.

How did I deal with change?

What I taught, I had to learn it first, myself. Meditation became my guide in learning how to slow down my thinking; for each challenge/negative/obstacle. This in turn taught me how to manage my emotions, feelings and sensitivity much better. It took practice!
Lot’s of practice!

Because of my ability to teach, guide and assist others within my groups or while doing a reading, I learned how to read and gather information for a clearer and better understanding to the dynamics of my emotions, feelings, intuition and sensory feeling. This aspect of me needed constant tending to to maintain my balance.

I learned to choose wisely who or where I spent my time and energy.

I focused on the relationship with my husband and daughter and learned to speak up when overwhelmed; keeping the lines of communication open at all times.

Tended to our home and all that needed attention in maintaining life on a day to day level.

Family meals and family time together.

Journaling when I became too overwhelmed and overloaded from all that was happening around me/us. It allowed me to sort through what was mine to tend to and what was needed to be let go of.

Kept our routine focused and balanced at all times so that we could manage our growing sensitivity and awareness.

Kept it real and kept it simple; during the earlier years of many changes taking place in our lives, my husband would at times work between 60 to 80 hours a week and that meant on the days off, everything stopped. We needed down time and time to regroup.

This is just a short part of the story, however, the things that I/we did in the beginning of our 34 moves, in a 24 year period; it paid off. It became our “new norm” for the changes and our deepening awareness and sensitivity. As our sensitivity grew, the focus to balance and manage the constant changes became what was needed the most.  

In the end, we are learning how to simplify, slow down and learn how to tend to the inner home gardens of our life.  As we become proficient and find our footing and balance, we eventually learn how to add a little more to our lives, while remaining in balance to the changes.


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