~ A Soul Awakening ~




Personality Self Connected to Our Inner Sensitivity

March 12, 2017


“By learning to shift our emotions, we are changing the information coded into the magnetic fields that are radiated by the heart, and that can impact those around us. We are fundamentally and deeply connected with each other and the planet itself.”


The above shared paragraph is not mine, this is something that I can across a few years back and recently noticed it reposted in my “on this day”/facebook page.

Obviously, after rereading this  a few times myself in the last few days and sitting with it, it felt time to share a little something more, expanding on the purpose of emotional information and emotional intelligence.

Now, although well versed in the experiences of inner sensitivity and intense sensory feeling, what I share is from the feeling of intense inner learning; feeling emotions and feelings that can pretty much buckle us down, and prevent us from wanting to move forward or just feel one more thing.

As shared in other articles, all information is through direct experience and all information is through the awareness and feeling of my emotions, feelings, sensitivity, intuition and sensory feeling and knowing.  Very hard place to be, however, I understand that this is how I am wired and have been wired since I was a kid and so, once my healing and awakening began and once I was guided to begin teaching psychic and intuitive awareness and the tarot, this would be the very thing that would become my teaching experience…me as the guinea pig to my inner sensitivity, feeling it, asking my questions, intuition to assist in guiding me through the emotional debris, until it all began to make sense.  However, in order for it to make sense, feeling my way through was the only way to get through it, which is a double edge sword, because although painful to feel and experience, the experience would soon transform to practical and logical understanding, making each experience easier to handle and understand.

As I have learned in the last 26 years and 34 moves, shifting our emotions is just the beginning of the process.  Our emotions are not just happening on a normal day to day “human” level.  Our emotions are also running through our feelings, sensitivity, (unaware) psychic, intuitive, metaphysical, spiritual and energetic levels.  So this means that if after basic tools you find your sensitivity not lifting or feeling better, chances are you are in the psychic, intuitive levels, now needing psychic and intuitive understanding.

For our sensitivity, it’s not just a one time clearing, healing or understanding, it grows and evolves and expands and if we are in the midst of some challenges or soul level learning experiences, it means that we are being called to bring new tools of awareness, along with new information that is utilized through each and every challenge or learning experience called to our lives.

We begin to lift the intensity of our emotions and feelings by seeking out and searching or reading appropriately resonant information/insight to the experiences at hand and in the moment.  As we take in this new healed insight and information, our minds; thinking, logical and intellectual self begins to gain an understanding to our emotions, feelings and sensitivity, which eventually teaches and guides us into not feeling our intense sensitivity through our thinking processes; meaning that, with updated healed insight and information, we begin to feel safe and allow ourselves to feel our emotions and feelings and sensitivity, because we now have appropriate information to help balance our mental understanding, so that no longer become overloaded with sensory feeling within our thinking minds.

Our environments and relationships can become a part of our awakening as well.  Sometimes if this is the case, this means that we will be called to slow down our day to day routine, when we can, when we are not needed and begin to do some soul searching to figure out and understand how we are wired.

When our sensitivity feels like it is too much it also means that our personality self is being called to become informed with appropriately resonant information that means something to us in the midst of our experience, assisting and allowing us to begin the inner connection to our inner sensitivity.

The truth is, our sensitivity is waking up now…yes, it can feel very overwhelming and at times very harsh, because we are still surrounded by others waking up according to their own inner soul blueprint, so there may be times when we become cross wired with the imbalances,  from being around others that have not learned or figured out that feeling our emotions and feelings is a good thing and not something to be avoided, however, our best course of action becomes about learning how we are wired, learning about our sensitivity and learning how to manage and balance our lives according to this newfound awareness.

In learning about our sensitivity, it is in our best interest to learn how to participate with our healing and sensitivity on a daily basis.  When we become safe and accustomed to feeling our sensitivity on a daily basis, we no longer fall into the category of sensory overload through our thinking minds.  Our minds learn how to sift through our emotions and feelings, putting them in the right places within ourselves, balanced and connected to appropriately healed insight and information to each moment and learning experiencing, that are often times seen as painful challenges and obstacles, until we learn how to feel it through informed insight and information, not through sugar coating as a form of avoidance and denial, but as information, understanding and awareness, teaching us how to perceive, see, feel and know from a new place of understanding.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on where you are in acceptance of your sensitivity, this takes consistent practice, until this practice of seeking out healed insight and information in each given moment, through each given experience, becomes second nature to your day to day life.

With practice, this begins to build our minds with new information and understanding, assisting us in becoming better informed to the levels of sensitivity that we are wired with, from within.

It takes a bit of time, but we do begin to feel better and we begin to feel better because we have allowed ourselves to become active participants to our sensitivity and healing.

Our level of sensitivity eventually begins to change our lives, so that we learn what our triggers are, what is needed to maintain our balance and well being.

The world is changing and because of these very changes, we are being called to a better place of understanding within ourselves, in turn, making better decisions for ourselves and our lives, allowing for better balance to become a part of the world.

Our sensitivity is needed now, more than ever, which is why many of us are becoming aware that we are not all wired the same way and that this is a time for a new approach and a new understanding in having our sensitivity informed, healed and shining our light.

As always, we are all in this together…breath by breath…step by step.


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Healing From Within

January 31, 2017



I know that there is a lot going on in the world, on our planet!  I know that the turmoil of life is reaching its peak in terms of the “omg, wtf is happening…I know, because as an extreme ultra empathic sensitive, with deep intuitive awareness and an even deeper sensory knowing, I’m feeling it all.  I am feeling the unraveling of what is no longer working and right, to what needs to be working and right again.  The pressure is a now constant and thankfully, having taught psychic and intuitive development and the tarot and having read for many hundreds of people, this connection to my awareness has brought much needed information, understanding and clarity to the process of awakening that many are finding themselves in, during this period of time.

The changes taking place in the world have created a domino effect of pain and fear and loss and yet this very pain is what is creating unity and what is most important to life and humanity.  I know, many wonder if we can find our way.  I know that this can be incredibly scary, and yet I also know that we can get there, we can find our way. We wonder if Love can shine its light.

But…how do we get there?  How do we allow our love to be stronger than our fear? How do we find our way? How do we not buckle from the pressure of what used to be, breaking down at a rate of speed that we cannot keep up with?

We begin our soul searching.  We begin by going within.  We begin by asking ourselves the right, and often times, the most difficult questions that need to be asked, however, we begin by going within; and working within, with our emotions, feelings, sensitivity, thoughts, actions, attitudes and behaviors.  

Are we aware of how we move through our day to day?  Are we aware when we are lashing out at ourselves or each other?  When we are lashing out, is it something that someone may have done to us or is it an undercurrent of pressure pushing for acknowledgment and recognition, acceptance and awareness, for each of us to slow down, catch our breath and ask ourselves what is happening.

What happens when we are unable to lead with love?  How do we get there if we are filled with the pain and wounds of our past?  Is it possible to get there?

The answer is yes!  Will it be easy?  Probably not!  Anything worthwhile and important to our well being will take time, care, patience and work…consistently and constantly.  And there will be times and days when you may even feel pissed off and annoyed by becoming aware of your inner self and yet…if each of us begins to go within and learn about our selves; our wounds and pain from our past and we begin to bring much needed acceptance, understanding, awareness and resonant information as our form of healing, to each and every moment, to each and every challenge, to each and every experience, what we gain from this participation to our healing will be the 100th monkey and domino effect, until all of a sudden we begin to feel stronger, we begin to understand that we don’t get rid of our pain or our past, we do however, with time, patience and care transform it all to a place of awareness and understanding…we begin to heal ourselves, we begin to heal our world!

All that we see happening in our world and on our planet is the outer world crying to be heard, crying to be understood, crying to be healed and so transforming our fear  and pain becomes an inner journey to our healing, until our inner healing begins to shine our light to our outer world.

And now you ask, but how and is this even possible?  And again, the answer is yes, it is.  My life as an empathic sensitive/intuitive sensory and energetic reader has taken me through this process of awakening, with the whole journey about going within and practicing exactly what I have shared, for the last 26 years and 34 moves.

Emotionally speaking today is not an easy feeling day!  Today, I feel new energetic information coming in right along side of the world, bombarded with pain…and yet, my path as a teacher/guide/healer and reader, that very pain is what I transform through feeling, so that this new understanding can be practical, logical and user friendly in understanding.

We are healing from within, now!  Each and every time we heal from within, each and every time we heal each other, pretty soon, although we may still see what’s wrong happening in the world, pretty soon, we will begin to focus on what’s good and right, until we are taking each other hands and taking each step and the next step together.


We need to do this!  The time is now!

What is that saying “Many hands make light work?”

And as always, we are all in this together!


For more on the articles or reading consultations that I offer, please visit my website: 



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 Emotions and Feelings Continue to Rev

Novermber 7, 2016


Once again, it’s been awhile since sharing any updates.  I am sure, as you can already feel, the energies; our emotions and feelings continue to rev at an accelerated pace, pushing at every last button to extreme sensitivity, making us feel as if we don’t know if we are coming or going.


As shared in previous updates, while having completed guidebook #1 for living in our sensitivity, I have yet to begin a monthly subscription along with a steady stream of updated articles and quite possibly an online class of some kind, however, until I am able to sort through this last round of very intense energies; bringing this information into practical and day to day living, I continue to remain off the radar, off the grid and behind the scenes to insure that I am able to hold my energy field in place, while clearing through the energies going on around me and within emotional and feeling humanity.


I continue to offer different types of readings, dependent on where you are in your process and what most resonates for you, however, only offer 4 to 6 typed reading consultations a month, so that I have the time and energy to translate all that is coming through me: making this information and healed insight useable to our everyday life.



Until then, slow down to the best of your abilities and when it is possible to do so, take a breath through your sensitivity and remember there is a purpose to our sensitivity now.  Humanly speaking, it may be a bitch to feel it, energetically speaking, feeling it is the best thing that we can do and remember…as always…we are all in this together!



The Transition from The Metaphysical New Age

(Or what on earth just happened to my life and why do I feel so crappy?)

September 6, 2016



For the past few days I have been tossing around whether to share some insight on a question that was asked of another, as I was not very happy with the shared response that was given by another and although this isn’t about right and wrong or good and bad, I know that this person most likely was left baffled by the response given.

“I haven't been optimistic last days. Life seems to be grey. It's not interesting to live the way I live. I always ask a question what can change the situation or maybe it is not going to be changed. Often life seems to be meaningless. Maybe such a state is a preliminary step to something...”

There are many, many pitfalls to the Metaphysical New Age and there is great good that can come from the Metaphysical New Age…with that being said, the metaphysical new age is just the beginning, the gateway to something more, something deeper, something deeply profound and the way to tell and sense this feeling is to know how to sense and know when you have been called much deeper into your sensitivity, your awakening, the ascension awakening, your new discoveries, the signs and inner emotional pressures, that seem to be charged with intense feeling and yet, not knowing what to do with this feeling.

Now, please remember, what I share is after a long 25 year journey, that although I am a “intuitive/sensory and energy reader” for life changes and emotional patterns, what I am sharing did not come easy.  It took great, great pressure, at times, knee buckling pressure so intense, that I didn’t want to get up and keep going and yet, here I am, 25 years and 34 moves later, having kicked, pushed, screamed, worked and finally healed enough and integrated a lot, to break it down for those beginning their own inner emotional journey of discovery.

Being called to live the life of a soul journey is not an easy trek, not by any stretch of the imagination.  There are many that have come to their discoveries through the metaphysical new age and this is not a bad thing, not at all, however, if you find yourself focusing until the cows fly over the moon and nothing is happening, it means that much, much more is happening on a deeper inner level and that life is no longer about focusing on your hearts’ desires, but becoming more aware to that inner sensitivity that has called to your life.  The loss of optimism, the feeling that life feels grey and meaningless, this energy begins to make itself known when your inner life begins to call for more attention to detail to your inner sensitivity.

And although the metaphysical and spiritual new age are great and wonderful places to start, the fine print isn’t always the same as focus on what you want and wait for the steps to show themselves to you.  It isn’t enough, not when deeper inner sensitivity is calling to you.

What happens and what do you do when this deeper inner sensitivity begin to call.  That inner call means that your inner sensitivity is nudging you and guiding you to begin to seek and search for more information that applies to your inner sensitivity.  No, you are not doing anything wrong, it’s just another level calling to you maybe because there are parts of you needing some healing from any hurts or wounds from your past, allowing you to become better attuned to your inner emotional needs.

Sometimes this inner call asks for your attention as acknowledgment and acceptance that you are more sensitive then you originally thought you were or maybe you are giving away too much of your precious energy/wellbeing, when someone wants or needs something for you and you know in your heart that you want to say no, but their body language or attitude forces you to accommodate them and say yes.

Sometimes, when life feels like its lost its meaning, it can also mean that you need to slow down, simplify your activity to figure out what you actually need for your inner self, tending to those needs, first.

The point is, the metaphysical and spiritual new age are great places to start, but it’s not the only thing going on, especially when you find that you have been focusing on your “hearts’ desires” and nothing seems to be happening.  The truth is, if you find yourself feeling more sensitive than you thought and nothing seems to be working with the “focusing part,” chances are your inner self is calling to you, to clear, accept and be aware of your emotional needs, seeking out the right and appropriate healed information, that resonates and means something to you.  Each and every time we apply healed insight and information to our emotional low,  our intense emotions and feelings, those inner trigger points, we are doing several things at once…

~We are taking time to acknowledge what we are feeling, which is greatly needed for each of us and the humanity of our planet.

~We are applying an understanding to rebuild and connect to our inner emotions and sensitivity.

~We are strengthening our inner sensitivity with an understanding and we are allowing our inner selves to guide our normal self into a better place of understanding, beginning to create our lives through tending to our emotional needs. And by the way, just so you know, even if we are called to your inner sensitivity for some healing and awareness and understanding, guess what, eventually you do get to your hearts desires and this time when you do, it will be in better alignment for the time that you took in acknowledging and accepting your inner sensitivity and that foundation for dreaming will be much better and so much stronger.

When we learn to address our needs in this way, we are tending to our inner selves on a metaphysical, intuitive and spiritual level, that inner sensitivity that you can feel but cannot see.  The more that we allow ourselves to ask our questions and then read/seek/search for clarity through healed insight and information, the better able we can tend to our sensitivity…keep in mind, that doing this once a day may be enough to relieve and rebalance your emotions and feelings and there may be times that you will be called to tend to your sensitivity a few times a day for a rebalancing to a place of calm and centering.

The metaphysical new age is a great place to start opening our minds to a new way of thinking, with new possibilities that become new opportunities, however, it is just the beginning, for eventually, our sensitivity: the parts of us that feel like something is missing, or life has become meaningless or grey, that is our inner sensitivity calling for a new approach and new understanding, to bring meaning and understanding to our inner emotions and feelings; our life.

And finally, one more thing to consider, as each of us begins our healing back to our inner sensitivity, it will create the 100th monkey effect, creating that domino effect.  Things look a bit “whack ~ a ~ do in the world these days.  Emotional and feeling common sense and intelligence are so needed.  We are being called to have a conscience about our lives, how we make our decisions, how our actions affect ourselves and each other, for without it, well then life just becomes an inner emotional roller coaster ride, in the midst of the inner emotional tsunami.

What I share on my site, in my readings is about creating a path to our inner self, with practical tools for understanding.  Work with new information and tools, soon, great understanding does come.


As always, we are all in this together!

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That Inner Emotional Pressure and Sensitivity




I am not sure where to start.  It’s been a few weeks since I have posted any updates, partly because as an extreme ultra sensitive, feeling it all, all day, every day and working with shifting my own inner energies, feeling the new information and then translating it to practical understanding, it seems like the days are too long and not long enough.


There is a lot happening in the world and what I find most interesting is what is happening in the political arena, wondering how on earth things could be happening as they seem to be happening.  On one hand, I want to take everyone, line them up and become mother earth, calling her children out on their actions and behaviors, however, because of the many, many years of experience, learning, living and integrating a soul awareness, through my “what used to be my normal life,” I understand that the most important component and ingredient missing from all that is happening, is that inner piece/peace, to slow down, think before speaking and acting, tune into what is the right path or course of action for each individual and then acting on what that inner truth is calling for.


There are many sensitives out there, living through many levels of sensitivity.  The sensitivity is a new way coming to life, to bring us to a better place of understanding for the best way to live life, that produces and creates a balance for each and every person to have what they need, to share and connect within themselves and each other.


In the beginning of my journey, aside from the inner emotional pressure that I was already feeling, once I began teaching psychic/intuitive development and the tarot, this inner pressure began to lift.  However, as I continued to teach and do readings for my students, clients and at the psychic fairs, this new way of living began to generate an energy that would change my life and open me to new understandings and possibilities.  During that time, I was introduced to the metaphysical new age, where we could create our dreams and manifest our hearts desires.  


But 7 years into this journey, I discovered that the metaphysical new age was the gateway to introducing me to my soul: my emotions, feelings and sensitivity.  The idea to create my dreams and the fine print were not the same thing and so almost immediately, I was taken through the underworld and shadow land for the dark night of the soul.  The emotional pressure was intensely unbearable…for the longest time and the pressure did not let up for a long time, that is, until I began taking what I had been teaching, along with my deep sensitivity and intuition and began asking questions, feeling all of the discomfort and learn how to sort through and work through this inner emotional pressure.


Oh, I so was not happy about this.  This inner pressure called to me to pay attention to my boundaries and sensitivity. This inner pressure called to me to speak up when a misunderstanding had taken place with a family member or friend. And because speaking up and telling the truth was not glamorous, no matter how appropriately or kind I used my words; when another is not ready to be accountable to how they contribute to a friendship or relationship and bringing resolution to this hurt was not an acceptable exchange, then walking away was the only option.  As an extreme ultra sensitive with deep intuition and sensory feeling and knowing, this was an incredibly difficult experience to live through.  It wasn’t just about what I was feeling about what had happened, I was also feeling the patterning from that family member or friend, that was in a different place in their life and I knew that I would have to let go, because not speaking up to clear and bring resolution to the experience was no longer an option for me. I burned a lot of bridges because of my deep sensitivity and soul calling.


The inner pressure calling to all sensitives, is not calling because you did something “wrong,” it’s calling by making you feel that it needs to have a voice; to be able to better guide you forward, to teach, assist and guide you as to how it can show you what will work best for you, as a sensitive.


The sensitivity that many are finding themselves living in is our changing of the guard for life.  We need new understandings and options in place to bring balance to our own inner lives, while bringing balance to our humanity on this planet.


The part of me that has felt these wounds so deeply, for so long, I want to yell “WTF” are we doing?  Don’t we know things are not working the right way anymore?  How is it possible to not have a feeling or conscience about this and yet, the part of me that has felt these wounds and have felt so wounded, is also the dark night of the soul, that I have spent 25 years working with and working through, seeking, searching and applying healed information at the most important time when this information is needed; during times of crisis or intense trigger points, bringing up that inner pain, not to cause more pain, but to be accepted and acknowledged, so that the pain is not swept under the rug, until it becomes a giant boulder or that pink elephant that you can no longer climb over, ignore or go around.


Our sensitivity and pain does not go away because we ignore it, it gets better with acceptance and acknowledgment, with applied healed insight, each and every time, until our wounds begin to create a stronger inner foundation and understanding for how to manage, navigate and live our life in our sensitivity, which in truth, is our soul calling to us, for a voice; acceptance and acknowledgment, a way to become a constant in our lives.


Yes, we are all meant to be able to live the best life possible; live by our dreams, however, the fine print, until we can get to our dreams is to accept our sensitivity and learn and understand how to live our life.


The planet is the orchestra, but us, we are the instruments and if we don’t take the time to read our sheet music, to learn how to play our instrument, instead of harmony in our music, we become out of sync to ourselves and our music.


As always, we are in this together.  Slow down (when you can) take a breath, do your best and when you can, take it one step at a time.  


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 An Update for August 2, 2016



It’s been just about 2 months since my last update.  Since that time, an article that I had written a few years back, has become a 30 page guidebook, sharing some of my experiences and how I discovered that although sensory overload and extreme sensitivity can at times be almost impossible to feel and process, it has also become a true learning and understanding for healing the wounds of our past, through healed insight, information and understanding, while, at the same time, creating new pathways and a bridge between our hearts and our minds, so that we are better able to live a heart centered and soul guided life.  


It's safe to say that I have been an extreme sensitive since I was 5 years old.  In my head, I was able to understand what was happening around me, with my family and even put it to words, of course, all of this taking place in my head.  As a child, I internalized everything that was happening around me.  There was so much intense emotional pain, all the time!  As my life's foundation fell apart, I knew that I needed to do something to make me better.  I found someone that knew how to guide me;  that was at 25.  I found myself committing to a year long counseling, 2x weekly and when I wasn't in a session, I was doing my homework, that I also had to commit to, because I wasn't going to just get better with the counselor doing all the talking, I would get better by participating with my healing and I would soon discover that committment to healing and working on remaining in alignment is a constant for all sensitives.  As I look around at my journey and all that has happened in the last 25 years, I realize that life is changing for all of us, from a place of thinking, acting doing, to one of feeling, assessing, asking ourselves the right questions, sorting through our sensitivity by participating with the feeling of our sensitivity and commiting to our ongoing well being, all the time.  


For the longest time, I had no clue as to how to put any of this to words and then after my year long committment to healing with a counselor, I found my psychic and intuitive awareness beginning to open and so once again, I found myself committing to developing the right way, first, through reading as much as I could to develop my mind with a new understanding and then by taking a psychic development class.  From here, my psychic and intuitive awareness grew fast, faster than I had anticipated, however, my teacher had told me that this would happen and so, once I began doing readings, I found that for all the years that I couldn't put words to what I was always psychically feeling from others, I began to develop trust and clarity within, so that I could be a balanced conduit of information for my students and clients that required that guidance and assistance in trusting and developing their awareness to the sensitivity within each of them and most interestingly of all, the last 34 moves in 25 years was always about learning about my boundaries, sensitivities , working with the right tools and learning how to balance my center and wellbeing, all of htis was about healing, understanding and awareness, which is how this guidebook came to be.


This guidebook, was not about getting rid of our pain or ignoring it, but learning how to feel it and then bringing much needed healed insight and understanding to our overwhelming sensitivity, which by the way, is so greatly needed now.


When we begin living our life from healed insight, information and understanding, we begin to have a better sense of ourselves, our moments, our thoughts, emotions and feelings, allowing for healed discernment and decision making for all areas of our lives.


Our personality selves, along with the development of metaphysical, spiritual and energetic discoveries are now calling for the healing of our past wounding, so that we are creating a stronger inner foundation, bringing balance to our male/female ~action/feeling, all aspects of ourselves working in balance, insight and feeling harmony together.


So, please feel free to visit “Guidebook Page,” for more details for how to purchase this book.


And as always, we are all in this together!  Continue reading below for a bit of


"A Soul Calling ~ A Guide to Living Life as a Sensitive."





A Soul Calling:

A Guide to Living Life as a Sensitive


Recently, I came across an article that I wrote quite awhile back and was going to update it just a bit, as much more had taken place in the four years, since the article was originally written. I was about ready to put this article on my site, with a short version to my facebook page, however, as I began going through my article, what I had not humanly or consciously planned on was for this to be turned into a guidebook…but as always, when that “feeling” ~ our inner light and spirit moves us, we move and flow with its guidance.


This guidebook that I am sharing has some of my awakening experiences interwoven with the insight and information that I was called to utilize, during some intense and extreme learning experiences.  What has been shared within my story and acting as a guide to your awakening is learning how to bridge the intensity and extreme feeling sensitivity, with healed words/insight and information; creating that bridge between the unaware and overwhelming sensitivity within the personality of our emotions and feelings; once cleared and healed with the practice of insight and information, allows for sure footing, living with sensitivity every moment of every day.


Although, I could have made this more of a teaching guidebook, it has become a bit more important to share some of my story as a guideline, to assist in showing you that the intensity of how our inner spirit moves us, comes in all shapes and sizes. Wherever you may be experiencing any kind of intensity and feeling pressure in your life, is the part of your life calling for a better and healed understanding, so that your life becomes about understanding your emotions and feelings and how to apply healed insight to the intensity.  I know that this can be a bit daunting and almost impossible to feel, however, I also know that once we step into the pressure and discomfort, acknowledge and accept that you are feeling something, and then allowing for healed insight to guide you forward, each time that this is done, you become stronger and you become more informed and aware of your sensitivity and how to proceed forward in all areas of your life.


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 An Inner Responsibility to Awakening


One of the many, many lessons and experiences learned on this journey in the last 25 plus years is that each of us has a responsibility to do the necessary homework deep within to understand any painful wounds that have been presented in our lives; in order to understand messages of light (light, being defined as healed information, communication from the deeper insight of our emotions, feelings, sensitivity and intuition)  that are being offered to us in this very new, very different and very changing and at times, very challenging times.

When I first began my journey of awakening and "TRIED" to read messages of light/higher understanding, I absolutely had no clue what I was reading, much less understand what I was reading. In all honesty, I was very young when I started this process of awakening, and at that time, had not realized that not only would I have to feel any and all painful wounds from my past, seek out and gather appropriately healed insight, information and awareness and then at the very height of a painful moment and painful trigger, take my time, applying this healed insight to the very moment.  In all honesty, before running for the deeper psychic information or “channeling,” as a teacher/guide and healer, I would have to become my teacher to my inner student.  And…it sucked!  It sucked big time.  But, no matter how difficult the learning experience, to each trigger and each moment, it paid off…my understanding grew, it grew, but painstakingly one precious step at a time!

As I listened to deeper intuitive feeling, allowed myself to feel, ask the appropriate questions to each experience and continue to evolve and expand my "normal" thinking, to begin including deeper understanding to the language of light/messages of light, I found that with the appropriate clearing to my once was "normal life," something exciting and interesting began to happen, I began understanding what I was reading, what it meant and how resonant information could apply to any of my experiences, when timing and alignment was right and appropriate…all messages of light are offered from many levels of understanding, when the filters and perceptions of our past are updated/healed in our now and present moment, we stand a better chance of knowing what is confirmation and alignment to our moment…some information will work in our immediate moment, some information will be tucked away for another time and some information will have meaning to another that has arrived at their point of understanding.

I have found that without including our "normal" perceptions on this journey, meaning that we participate with our healing, we become our inner teacher, to our inner student and ask and assess what is right for us in each moment, we won't be able to understand or perceive what we are reading...our humanity and our inner emotions and feelings, along with a more expanded understanding evolving our logical and intellectual thinking, must come along for this journey, this journey is very much like creating a garden.  Before creating something of beauty, the clearing must be done, starting with a clean and cleared slate...when I started with this, I thought I could just "read" a message of information/energy/ light and be done with it...and would discover through many experiences of emotional and feeling awakening that this was not true...for the ascension part of this process, it is quite necessary to evolve our normal understanding, by first understanding our emotions, feelings, and sensitivity  to support and sustain messages of information/light, so that this information/ light is taking place within our shadow/wounded past and is our responsibility to participate with our journey and to clear/heal and realign our filtering system/thought process of our past...would we build a house from the roof down or clear the land and build from the bottom up...this is what we are needing to do with messages of information/insight/ from the root up...this is what I have learned and what continues to remind me, through each experience as an ultra sensitive empath and transmuter...this not an easy journey, not for the faint of heart and definitely a journey necessary with the attention to detail,  but if done from within, the benefits and the understanding are far reaching to healing our shadow past, and our successes for understanding begin to build a much stronger foundation for our ever awakening sensitivity.

There is no logic to soul awakening, although, when updating and healing our mental, emotional and feeling past, our healed logic, in our now and present moment is the part of us that is able to read and understand messages of information/insight/energy and light.

This is a very, very inner journey of awakening and we must become responsible to healing the filters/thought processes  of our past and then messages of light can take root in our lives…yes, we all have our own inner soul calling and guidance system, however, if we are still awakening to coming online to deeper understanding, let’s face it, this is not an easy journey, we never know how our soul will call to us and we don’t know, until we are in it, what is necessary and required of us; our responsibility to supporting higher/deeper messages of light. We choose when we read another’s works. We choose what is right for us…and we know what truth feels like, but no matter what we are not in the lollipops version of this journey anymore…we are being called and the call is a journey within.

As always, we are in this together!


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A Sharing Update

May 16, 2016

Here is an article that was written on May 28, 2010.  Although when this article was originally written, even during this time, I was holding massive amounts of energy.  The difference between then and now, are not only the extra experiences that came my/our way for deeper understanding and at times, quite emotionally painful, it was during the height of confusion, the depth of deep sensory feeling and emotional and sensory overload, that I became more proficient in utilizing my tools.

Conscious Breath technique ~ Fully awake, complete focus on my breath, counting backwards from 10 to 1 and repeating 10, deeper, deeper, deeper, down, down, down.  This would be repeated until I reached 1.  There were many times where I would have to repeat this process until I felt legitimately balanced, centered and calm, while in the midst and the height of confusion, trigger point; a major ass emotional tsunami.

Now for this part and I have shortened my meditation technique, due to years of 45 minute meditations, that was originally initiated through the practice of Rebirthing (focused, conscious breathing, for one hour, with a guide to keep me focused on my breath.)  Eventually, my meditation became 45 minutes long and because I was on sensory overload more than 90% of the time, mediation was an everyday occurrence, until I became aligned with my knowing as a constant for my life, everyday…a knowing where it would be to my greatest advantage and benefit, to understand my sensitivity, understand, acknowledge and accept that my hyper sensitivity was here to stay and to finally, understand, that in order to function to the best of my ability, that I would need to learn how to feel, sense and know my feelings first;  by living in them and to not always feel another’s’ feelings, needs or expectations first, because, once I felt someone else’s needs first, because of my very ability to feel in this way, I was no longer addressing me first, I was giving to another what they wanted, that they did not know how to or at times, even want to address their own needs first.

Remember, what I am sharing is not a judgment or who did what wrong, however, it is more about a process of learning and discovery.  Because at times, at least for me, it wasn’t until I stepped into another’s path/life story, most of the time, unknowingly, that I would finally intuitively figure out where I actually belonged and which energy field was my  right and appropriate starting point.  As an empathic sensitive, teacher, healer and guide, it was critical to understand how to do this, while right in the midst of confusion and at times emotional overload and pain.  My awareness and intuitive navigation would anchor and ground in a much better and most practical way, so that there was a noticeable and distinct difference and feeling.  It was a practice of my tools that would begin to spell out in much detail, to my logical, intellectual and practical mind, that would eventually allow me to put this all to words…the very groundwork of a teacher and guide on the ascension path of awakening…paving that path, for others who are awakening to their own (levels) of awareness and sensitivity.

How’s my space ~ How do I feel? The next part of my technique would be to check in with myself and sensitivity throughout the course of my day:  How’s my space/How do I feel? Especially, if I found that I was going to be around many others or needing to take care of things that would need my attention to detail, my tools for  functioning and survival were a must, a constant for my normal.  Not what another thought my normal “should” be; my normal: to function in as aware and as centered a manner  as possible.

And finally, the years and years of writing affirmations.  At first, when I began writing affirmations in the late 80s, early 90s, my affirmations were for “manifesting my desires.”  Little did I know, that what I had been doing was actually opening my energy field( in more practical terms; evolving and opening my mind to the possibilities that there was more happening in life than the normal eye could see)  a lot more everyday, until the affirmations became about focusing and centering my mind, until I learned how to feel it all; my feelings or others, sort it through, figure out where I belonged in the scheme of things, what belonged to me; in terms of feelings and responsibilities, what I needed to let go of and what I couldn’t fix for anyone but myself.  As a sensitive, this was an incredibly tough and difficult place to be; giving up “my need” to make it better or easier for others, (because, in my heart, I knew what to do to connect the missing piece) because I needed to learn how to do this for myself, most difficult lesson to learn and most important and valuable lesson ever! 

It’s safe to say, a lot more learning, discoveries, experiences and awakenings have taken place during this 6 year period.

More of this to come in A Guide for Empathic Living!


Empaths: Learning How to Function within Sensitivity

Originally written May 28, 2010

(This article was left in exactly the way it was originally written, as an example of how confusion, pain and sensory overload, would teach me, others awakening to their sensitivity, that this can actually be done.)


Empaths: Learning How to Function within Sensitivity

This article are for all those who are now beginning to discover there sensitivity. Sensitivity knows no age. Whether someone is 10, 19 or an adult, sensitivity does not discriminate because of age.

In metaphysical and spiritual terms, anyone that is a sensitive is termed an empath.  Empaths have the ability to feel others emotions and feelings as if they are their own. Empaths do not do well in crowded or chaotic environments. At times empaths can sense when someone is saying one thing in their words and meaning something completely different.

Now with this being shared, there is no way to turn off this ability; well unless of course you go the everyday life way and either become completely and totally busy, or drinking to numb the feeling sensation or anything else that can tune all of this unskilled and awakening ability out. Now, I absolutely DO NOT recommend finding ways to tuning this ability out. And yes, as I have been highly sensitive, with high intuition as young as 5 years old, I have seen the alternative to turning off this ability and I have to say, that the end result creates far reaching affects into adult life.

As I write and share from my own direct experience of awakening, at times for reasons unknown to me, I was given my life path in gradual and in order steps. As I did not grow up in a conducive environment to this ability, at 25, because I knew that it was time to heal, I took the next appropriate step to healing; which was to bring much needed insight, awareness and understanding to my emotions and feelings and my personal boundaries.

Now if a sensitive/empath finds themselves awakening and not being able to speak to anyone else about it, and they are otherwise in a safe and loving environment regardless of not being able to share this feeling with another; begin learning about your sensitivity.

Here are some simple steps:

When waking up in the morning, check into your emotions and feelings. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Use a scale to measure the level of feeling. A scale of 1 to 10 works well. With 10 being more intense. Check in to your emotions and feelings throughout the course of your day.

Allow yourself at least a 1/2 hour of your time, at the end of your day, to write down specific feelings or emotions or experiences that made you feel extra sensitive. Although writing won't get rid of others peoples behaviors, writing will get the energy from thinking in your head onto paper and free your personal space from feeling the day.

When you have a choice about being in a crowd, if you do not need to be, then don't. Unless you are school age or working, then go into the bathroom and wash your face and hands with cool water. It helps to settle your personal space.

If you can, try and take at least 2 showers a day. When I first started awakening, there were times that I took up to 6-8 showers a day. Not only was there no good information out there, but I started finding ways to settle my very sensitive space so that I could keep functioning in as healthy a manner as possible.

Start reading books on emotional intelligence, sensitivity and empathic abilities. While reading, begin highlighting what resonates for you specifically.

And most importantly, choose wisely who you share this with. Things that are not understood, tend to be viewed from a realm of fear or the idea that this does not exist. Being sensitive very much does exist and learning about it and learning how to function becomes a step by step process.

People that are sensitive, tend to want to begin psychic development: take your time before starting on the next step in your journey. Allow yourself a chance to understand your sensitivity. If you start adding psychic development to your awakening ability, before having a chance to integrate new information, to teach you how to function in this ability, confusion will become part of this journey.

Each step, to function in a healthy manner, requires time, patience and discipline, to become comfortable in a natural way.

There is no way to turn this off. I know, I tried everything, but this has also been a 27 year journey and because I was given the steps naturally, I found myself in better balance because of it.

It is a process...take your time...get comfortable in your skin...get comfortable with feeling and learn the ways that help you to function in a healthy way.

The effort will be well worth your time.






Becoming Enlightened and Informed through Our Inner Self

(Intuitive Understanding for our emotions and feelings)

April 22, 2016



As always, the purpose of each sharing is for each of us to know how to become naturally informed, within ourselves; our emotions, feelings, sensitivity, actions, attitudes and behaviors. 

Back in the day, at the beginning of my journey, long after I was in counseling to begin my healing process within my family dynamics, is when my intuition also began to open and grow. Now, although I began noticing that I was psychically/intuitive in my 20s, I am also aware of the fact that I was intuitive as early as 5 years old.  Yes, this is a lot to process for a 5 year old…knowing that something is happening in my “little” life, knowing this all within my thoughts and my mind, however, having no clue whatsoever as to how to put this to words.

From my now moment in time, that would be present moment, as I look back over my timelines to my journey, I am well aware of all the landmarks, that although incredibly heartbreaking and at times completely knee buckling and challenging, my emotions/feelings and intuition have been my guide through my life every single step of the way.


There were many, many times, while in the height of the most challenging experience, that I felt much rage, pain and inner emotional turmoil.  There was much happening to my relationships with my family and friends.  From the moment of each challenge, I wanted to point the finger at “their” wrongness to all that was happening, however, this was not actually the truth, for true understanding and healing for me, my husband and my daughter…this was and has been a completely inner journey, every painstaking step of the way.

Having done thousands of readings over the years allowed for many changes to take place deep within me, as I witnessed it all coming to the surface.  When life became hard and those challenges were front and center, as much I as I wanted to be justified in my anger, the truth was, as an energy reader for emotional and feeling timelines; the messages were always very clear; all that was happening was not because anyone was doing anything “wrong.”  All that was happening was to let me know that our emotional/feeling/psychological and intuitive needs and guidance were moving onto different pathways/timelines and awakenings.  The pain came from trying to hold onto a friendship or relationship when the truth was, it was time to let go.

All that had taken place within my family and friends, all who had come into my life was to teach me, my inner teacher/guide and healer what was really happening within me and then what was happening with each person or how each  experience fit into the moment, what I needed to understand and always, what was the truth.

It took a long time to learn how to let go because I needed to accept that we were all moving through our lives and experiences based on what was right and appropriate for each of us, in each given moment.

Now, I could go into full blown bitch mode about it all, and I spent a lot of time in this place, until it was out of my system and I was able to work through the hurt and the pain; as human beings, we are not robots, without emotions and feelings and in order to heal, we need to go through the process of bitching, venting and ranting; in order to make room in our emotions and feelings, for the truth, inner heart truth to intuitively navigate us to the right place within.  This is not and was not an easy journey.  However, having a strong psychically/intuitively emotionally aware background and foundation, with a deeply strong sense of intuition, I always knew, when I hit the right mark to understanding each process; each challenge, each purpose to each and every experience.

In the end, the process was about making room in my inner life, to allow all to surface, apply appropriately healed information, awareness, guidance and insight, while in the midst of each challenge, until healed inner wisdom and insight became my guide in shining the light to all that felt painful or any other challenges or experiences that came up for my inner light to shine through it.

As we make room in our lives to transform and transmute the painful patterns and imprinting of our past, our soul/our inner wisdom/our intuition/our inner guide is there to show us what best suits us, where we belong, who we are connected to and how our life is meant to be lived, from the best of our inner hearts knowing.

As a reader, this all enabled me to understand how to stay connected to my own thoughts/feelings and emotions, at all times, so as not to sensitively and empathically take on another’s process.  As a reader, this was incredibly challenging and yet my greatest teacher in knowing how to stay present within my own energy field, while having the ability to witness the process of awakening in another.

Now, what I am sharing from this perspective is for others, you the reader, an opportunity to begin to understand the changes or challenges that you may find present in your life, at this time.

Because where I have been called in my life and how my experiences, although painful at times, have called me to feel my way to clarity, inner truth and understanding, for the time being I am sharing bits and pieces as I await the time to put to words “the empaths guidebook” and share new information coming soon.

As sensitives, the more informed we are to how we are feeling within our emotions and feelings, the better able we are in learning how to utilize healed information, so that we are better able to understand our sensitivity; learning what works for us, when we are feeling drained, who we may feel drained around, the kinds of environments that have the potential to drain us.

This is not about we are right and they are wrong, this comes down to having a better and deeper understanding as to how to manage and navigate through our sensitivity: with insight, clarity and understanding.

Our emotions, feelings and intuition are calling to us for a reason.  Life is changing all around us now and without a conscience to our inner self; emotions/feelings/intuition/actions/attitude and behavior, we won’t be able to understand how our pain and sensitivity can become negative, until we are generating this feeling within ourselves and towards others.

Yes, my background is intuitive/metaphysical/spiritual/conscious and energetic, however, I am living a human life and without truly anchoring this healed awareness through my personality ego, I will and each of us will feel as though something important is missing in our lives.

Without true healing taking place within our personality ego, how will we ever find what life means to us, if our inner personality does not come along for the ride, our journey?


As always, we are all in this together!


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Latest Update for March 4, 2016


It is March 4, 2016 and it seems that the energies have become more intensely dense and heavy, to the point that if I wasn’t well versed in the many levels of awareness, major clearing and holding this focus for 34 moves, in 25 years, I would believe that I had major bipolar depression, in a very serious way.

In the beginning of my journey, I had intensely bad migraines that were so debilitating, that I would not be able to function for 3 to 4 days at a time, 2 or 3 times a month.  Now, each time this happened, I would feel something intuitively in the background of my mind and my feelings, however, I had no clue as to what it was and so, each time a migraine would knock me down, I would take aspirins, darken my room and keep ice packs on my neck and forehead until I was able to function again.  It was awful and that is just putting it mildly.  This went on from my early 20s, until I went into counseling.  Although my migraines did not stop at this point, my extreme emotional highs and lows were becoming more manageable.

It wasn’t until I began developing psychically, that I would discover that I was having less and less migraines. Now, I am not saying that developing psychically is a prerequisite to getting rid of migraines.  This was my path!  However, what I did notice was that as I developed psychically, intuitively, metaphysically, spiritually, consciously and energetically, along with learning how to meditate, while teaching psychic/intuitive development and the tarot, while doing readings as well, educating myself to all the levels of my awareness, while feeling each trigger, challenge, negative and obstacle, for each feeling through each difficulty, my mind began to evolve and expand to a deeper understanding and purpose to my migraines.  My emotions and feelings were calling for a deeper understanding to the purpose of the difficulties in my life and although, my life seemed to get harder, my emotions and feelings began balancing themselves through bringing informed and healed information to each struggle calling for resolution in my life.

There is much more to this, however, the reason for my sharing of this piece in this moment, was how difficult the energies have been in the last few days and although I am an old pro at understanding these energies, there are moments when everything that I am feeling becomes an avalanche and tsunami all rolled into one, when there is a spike or increase in energies coming onto the planet. 

This is one of those times! 

This particular week, I have not been able to shake, move or make sense of the heightened energies and so, although I have completed the questions asked about how deep your sensitivity is and the recommended books needed to begin reading for the development of our mind/intellect and logic, I am once again, back in a holding pattern, in wanting to create and complete A Guidebook For Awakening Sensitives (not the final title) while these very intense and heightened energies are coming through, demanding for my complete focus and attention to detail, in translating it all for practical use, within our day to day lives.

On the downside, to our human part, it sucks, big time! Because, I know that this information is needing to be out there.  On the upside, although, I am not able to make sense of these energies, at least in my immediate moment, I will make sense of these energies and I will be able to translate this into usable and practical information, that can be utilized for each individual, ready to work through the discoveries of their life, their path, their soul calling.

So I ask, once again, please have patience.  The guidebook is coming and the information is sitting patiently within me, awaiting a steady stream of knowing, to flow into words.  This is the inner groundwork, this is what I am here to do.

So, hang tight and please continue to visit my site for updates with articles, subscription page and guidebook.


We are in this together!


Copyright © 2016 Carolyn Gwiazdzinski.  You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link.  




Latest Update...February 6, 2016



(Beautiful Image creation by


And so, here it is, February 6, 2016.  The energies continue to flatten me to the point of generating a tremendous amount of energy and yet no energy to access.

I find myself still in clearing, aligning and stabilizing mode.  The continuous clearing comes from our day to day routine that has not yet caught up to the groundwork, inner clearing, inner healing and inner alignment to my soul blueprint.

It seems that the higher I climb in higher frequencies the deeper I am brought back to my inner core, which I am connected to at all times…it is the only way for me to maintain my inner balance and calm.

On the upside, it looks like that guidebook that has been a promise to create is slowly organizing itself into a format to be printed and created; coming soon!

My journey page is still in the works.  Each time I am ready, or I believe I am ready to put words to a page, what is getting ready to be shared, all of a sudden disappears from my inner sight…so, as I wait (im)patiently to bring it all together, I also know and understand all is in divine and right timing…not always an easy task, for an Aries woman chomping at the bit.

And…one final note, although it’s been a while since the original promise to make all new updates available, the more that I work the pieces from high frequencies to practical understanding, the better the translation of information when this phase is finally ready.

So, hang tight and continue to check back for updates.

Breathe…know what you are feeling at all times.  Stay informed to resonant energies/information that means something to you and the part of the process you find yourselves in and know, that we are all in this together!



 A SharingJanuary 23, 2016



Someday soon, The Empathic Sensitives Guidebook will be available, along with the appropriate title. New types of typed consults will be available, as well. . . To also follow will be a subscription page and regularly posted articles.

In the meantime, I felt it necessary to share a bit, as I am constantly and consistently reminded of the necessity for “sensitives” to know how they are feeling and how they are affected by environments and others.

Just as a bit of a reminder, my background and experiences come from emotional intelligence and feeling awareness, teaching psychic/intuitive development and the Tarot.  Loving Relationships training, body harmony, along with rebirthing.  I have touched on Wicca, Buddhism, Numerology, spirituality, sensory feeling and knowing, consciousness and ascension awakening.  For each of these modalities, my human side wanted to stop and stay where I journeyed, however, my soul’s knowing consistently prompted, pushed and provoked me forward, because as an energy reader, traveling the timelines of our emotional past,  is how I learned to better understand the  alignment to my soul’s blueprint and so, all of these places that I had an opportunity to touch on was through the emotional and feeling body and all that continues to come through, continues to come through my emotional and feeling body, constantly realigning, through feeling experience, to the most present now moment and so, it is with my greatest hope that this to, will assist other sensitives and the many levels of feeling sensitivity that you carry; how to manage and move through your day and sensitivity…

As feeling sensitives, we are wired in a very different way.  Emotions and feelings are at a constant intensity and so for sensitives, it becomes most important to begin to understand your level of sensitivity; meaning, are you emotionally and feeling aware?  Are you psychically and intuitively aware?  Is it spiritual awareness, where you are beginning to understand that there is a purpose to your experiences and your life?  

Regardless of your level of sensitivity and any learned modalities, emotions and feelings are running constantly.  It becomes crucial to our well being to become informed on our emotional and feeling sensitivity.  Yes, there are well written books on these subjects.  As we begin to learn about our sensitivity, our newly healed information, understanding and awareness begins to become our new healed emotional foundation.  We are teaching/guiding our minds to better understanding to the purpose of our sensitivity in our life.

As our understanding begins to grow, our emotions and feelings begin to stabilize, teaching us how to manage and navigate through our day to day lives and all experiences that come our way.

For sensitives, it becomes very important to know how we are feeling upon waking up in the morning, before our feet touch the floor.  “How’s my space?  How am I feeling?” 

From a metaphysically and intuitive understanding, by asking these questions we are teaching and guiding ourselves into having a heads up about our emotions and feelings, bringing our feelings/energy back into our body, learning how to feel our feelings first and not feeling the feelings of the environment first.  This tool  becomes y/our intention to connect to our emotions and feelings, allowing us to be present in the now moment and to be present and connected to our bodies.

Writing an affirmation:  I am grounded in my body, by breath and my knowing.  This is a tool of intention to create a new framework of understanding in y/our mind in how to be connected to your emotions and feelings throughout the course of your day.

These tools of intention to create a new framework of understanding is not there to bypass any discomfort, dilemmas, challenges, but to assist and guide us into getting into the feeling, no matter how uncomfortable, so that once we navigate through a challenging feeling, with practice, we begin to learn that there is a beginning, middle and end of a feeling and once you get to the end of the feeling, your inner knowing, inner wisdom, soul guidance begins to guide you through the feeling.

This kind of sensitivity isn’t about being better than another, but to understand that there is a purpose to this feeling and that being wired in this way calls for another approach and a new framework for thinking. No matter the level of understanding, our emotions and feelings, with the guidance of healed insight, information and understanding, create a new energy field, one that will support you no matter how high on the ladder to consciousness you travel, or no matter the purpose of a discomfort or a challenge.

There is more to come on this topic, with other tools, that will assist in your journey.

As always, slow down, ask the important questions through each challenge, have the courage to feel to greater understanding and breathe, with the breath of silence and quiet being the greatest gift to true understanding.


Copyright © 2016 Carolyn Gwiazdzinski.  You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link.



 New ~ 2016 ~ Coming Soon!



Awakening Sensitivity

November 3, 2015


This is something I came across from another just recently and thought I would share this, in the case that others may be noticing similar experiences happening with them.

There are many levels of awakening happening now.  In the case of extreme sensitivity, the extreme sensitivity is a call to deeper emotional healing and awakening.  

When we find ourselves at this point in our journey, it means that we are being called to more actively participate in our journey; to clear, realign, understand and participate logically and practically, in order to make our inner connection stronger, as well as be able to generate our own inner knowing and energy.

As we learn and discover how to interact with our awakening on a more practical level, we learn to understand in each and every moment, within each and every experience, that we are needing to truly participate in our journey.


“Body feels like a truck has crashed into me, pains everywhere, cant get out of bed properly, everything hurts, fever, fear episodes, no strength...

it is a beautiful thing really, to be asked to surrender more and more, yet sometimes it is unbearable...”


I love what others share, however, I find myself within a place in this energy, where there is more going on then meets the eye and so this is where I share.

In terms of everything feeling like it hurts, fever, fear episodes, no strength; I have noticed this energy/feeling amping up as well this week and although I have been on this journey of awakening for the last 25 years and 34 moves, this week has been miserably unbearable, creating the illusion, that the inner groundwork has not been done at all.  (I am an empathic sensitive with deep intuitive and sensory feeling and knowing, an energy reader, as well) and because my emotions and feelings have been so deeply, deeply affected by this journey, the absolute attention to emotional and feeling detail was necessary.  Our inner light, our god source energy, our soul blueprint is looking to and asking for absolute attention to detail, to get within every aspect of who we are on a 3D level…all of our human~ness, all of our humanity.

It seems that the more energy/light that is coming onto the planet the more that we are feeling anything else being called into alignment/light.  Keep in mind that if you are extremely sensitive, you may be feeling your own shifts of energy coming into light, however, you could be very well aware of the shifts of energy others are feeling.  When the energy becomes unbearable to my level of feeling, I begin to ask the question “how much is mine that I am feeling and how much am I picking up from around me?”  There are times I will get a practical and logical answer to the energy in the moment, and there are times when asking the question will lighten and shift the energy…when that happens, chances are you were also picking up or sensing energy from around you.

If fear is coming up, don’t shy away from it, talk to it.  Ask if there is anything you need to know, it may just want acknowledgment from you, that you know it’s there.  Showers and baths help.  Baking soda, a bit of sea salt in a bath, help to lighten the energy.  I take 3 showers a day to help balance emotions and feelings…used to be 6 to 8 showers in the beginning, before understanding came to me about this awakening.
Journal.  Journal what you are feeling.  Get the energy out of your mind and your body.  Yes, mediation is good; however, sometimes it’s not enough.  Sometimes, you need to actively participate with clearing the energy, so that your mind/personality/3D self has a more practical understanding to what is pushing at you.  This soul blueprinted, god source energy is not meant to fly just in the higher realms, but deep within the core of our humanity…from this viewpoint, this energy is going to stretch to the max, to include all aspects of our humanity, along with god sourced energy.

When you/we are feeling like we are in a bad state or an energetic recalibration, participating on the most practical of levels; journal, baths, showers, breath, all things 3D normal and grounding help to bring the energy all the way in, to manageable levels.  My students and classes and readings are down to a minimum these days and I am very much off the grid, in order to manage this new, very high and very much heightened energies; sometimes, everything just needs to stop, to give our inner selves a chance to catch up to the heightened energies coming in. So, wherever and whenever you can slow things down, to allow for energetic recalibration, that will assist in the grounding of this energy, as well.

And finally, what I have learned and discovered from my own awakening, is that when we read/gather appropriately healed information, when we ask our questions to gain better understanding from within, when we participate on a practical level; again, journaling, extra showers, breath work, asking the questions, even if there is fear, getting out in nature, reading a good book, watching a good movie, listening to music, with our 3D awareness and self included in the journey,  we begin to include this energy into our light and knowing, generating our own energy, with our own participation.  Many, many years ago, at the beginning of my own journey, what I heard all the time was “chop wood, carry water.”  After, 34 moves in 25 years, the higher the energy goes, the more we are called to ground it through our day to day life:  “chop wood, carry water.”
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 October 12, 2015

This is a reply to a question that was asked about the “burden” of sensitivity that we may find ourselves feeling at times in our lives…

The Burden of Our Sensitivity

Yes, being aware, psychically and intuitively in tune and empathic, can, at times be extremely exhausting, however, because my abilities are about reading emotions and feelings, I spent the first 25 to 30 years of my life on the outside of my abilities, meaning that I put and felt what was happening from others and outside of me first. It wasn’t until I started studying psychic/intuitive development and the tarot at 27 (I am now 58,) and then was guided to teach, what already was a natural awareness, my life began to change, drastically and quickly and the more that I taught, the more that I learned. The more that I learned, the more that I opened, until the bottom of my “normal” life fell out and away. Having done 100s of readings in a few year time period, changed my energy field and it meant that I was being called to make the adjustment in healing all of my emotional past. I was being called to go within.

Changing my emotional past brought me to begin to understand the purpose of my experience through spiritual awakening and understanding. However, this learning came to me in the hard times of my life; every challenge, every negative, every obstacle, every trigger, required meditation, journaling; journaling what I could not or did not know how to say to another and it took teaching myself how to seek out appropriately healed information, that resonated to each moment, each experience.

As I continued along this path of discovery, through very difficult life experiences, to be dealt with in the moment of each experience, I began to find my inner voice and I began to bring all of my outer feeling awareness, back to my inner feeling and knowing. With this being an almost 30 year experience, this part took me 10 years. During this time, it wasn’t metaphysical, spiritual or about the energy, it became about my understanding of my extreme sensitivity on an emotional and feeling level, with appropriately healed information for my mind/logic and intellect, allowing for the balance to take place within emotions and feelings…logic was used for the process, however, it was not logical; my feelings needed the right and resonant information and understanding until I learned to think in this way. The exhaustion comes from being in the awareness all the time, until I learned that I needed to be aware and tend to the inner me first.

As an energy reader/teacher/healer this was an incredibly difficult transition to make in my thinking. However, with practice, I began to see, feel, know and understand the benefits of this switch…I began to function better. I began to pick and choose wisely who I spent time with, what I spent my time doing and where I put myself and my energy field.

It paid off. Does that mean I don’t have difficult moments, or difficult days just feeling feeling it all, all the time? Hell no! But my tools, awareness, inner knowing and deep sensory feeling and understanding are in place at all times, now! This is the part of the journey that is not completely out there, yet.

For extreme sensitives, healers, teachers, guides, world servers, how life is lived or was lived is not in resonance to this kind of energy and so when the difficulty comes, the difficulty calls for an inner journey…dotting those “I’s and “T’s for our thought processes, emotions and feelings. This is the part that is called to grow from within.

We become better balanced as people and sensitives, when we begin our journey of understanding by going within. It helps the pressure that builds from everything happening in our lives, in our world, in our society. 



July 20, 2015

The Importance Of Understanding Our Sensitivity



It is Monday, July 20, 2015 and this article has been pushing at me all week, partly because of where I have been in my 25 year and 34 move journey, partly, because of all the emotional highs and lows and the constantly shifting emotions and feelings all week and partly because it is becoming really important to our well being to begin to understand the levels of sensitivity we are feeling and carrying within ourselves.

As it has been shared in other articles, I have been aware of my sensitivity since I was 5 years old.  As a teacher/guide/healer/sensory intuitive and transmuter of emotions, it has taken me quite some time to get here; to this place of a deep, practical and usable understanding…the details to my/our sensitivity is a constant in understanding and balancing.

Emotionally, this was a crazy week.  I finally stopped counting on my fingers and toes how many times I was called, within myself, to tune in and clear and come back into aware alignment, to my deeper inner knowing, in the midst of rebalancing my perception of the chaos around me.  Rebalancing for me isn’t about bypassing or escaping what I am seeing or feeling, however, it is about tapping into the appropriate level of information, for an understanding as to what the chaos represents, allowing for clear and healed awareness to sit within me, allowing me to remain in check and in balance at all times.

What I was reminded of over and over and over again was that it is crucial and critical to our inner well being to know what we are feeling, within our sensitivity, at all times, not in the way for it to be about “me, me, me, I, I, I, however, in the way to know if we are outside of our bodies, feeling everyone else’s emotions and feelings as though they are our own to feel, process and be responsible for.

As a reader, because I carry many levels of intuitive and sensory feeling awareness, the clearing is a constant and a must.  In order to be able to maintain my balance, and be able to feel/know and sense another’s energy field, I must know where my energy field (emotions and feelings) are at all times, or I become cross wired, feeling another’s energy field and almost believing it is my own to feel and process, because of the ability to feel at this level.

I firmly believe, that whether we feel or are connected to psychic awareness, metaphysics, spirituality or consciousness, that it be vitally important that we have a very good basic understanding of our emotional intelligence and any and all behaviors, that create patterns…and that means understanding our pain; anything that has hurt us, knowing that healed understanding, will bring us into balance.

When we understand our emotions and feelings and we learn how to check in by asking ourselves, (especially, if we our around others or not our own environment,)


~how do I feel?

~is what I am feeling on a scale of 1-10 or is it higher?

~is what I am feeling mine to process, or am I picking it up from around me, another or the environment that I am in?


When we ask ourselves how we are feeling in each moment, when necessary to that moment, we are learning to become present in our immediate (now and present) moment.

When we learn to ask ourselves how we are feeling, we bring our outer feeling back into our inner body, having a better sense for what we are feeling and how to manage and navigate through those emotional highs and lows.

When we learn to ask ourselves how we are feeling, we allow ourselves to become fully present in our bodies.

A breathing or meditation technique becomes a must to our well being, as well.  This technique allows for our mind to learn how to slow down, get off the day to day grid, and find our inner place of silence, quiet and calm.  As we become accustomed to learning how to find our inner silence, and we learn to read/gather healed information, that becomes our guiding light, we soon begin to learn that information/energy/knowledge becomes the key to navigating through any sensory overload or chaos.   This discovery begins to transform and transmute our sensitivity and pain, to one of understanding and awareness…and there will be times, maybe even many times, where we will have to do this while in the midst of our triggers/challenges/negatives and obstacles, for this is when true healing becomes our very practical guiding light.

Our healing and understanding of our sensitivity includes the inner aspect of who we are; our thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Each and every time, we allow ourselves to gather/read healed information that is right, true and resonant to our moment and experience, we transform/change our experience to one of balance and understanding and we begin to learn how to shine our light.  As we climb the ladder to our awakening; whether it is metaphysical, spiritual, conscious, energetic and ascension related, remember, the more awareness, understanding and information we have through our emotional and feeling awareness, the more that we are better able to hold our higher awareness.  Without true healing and grounding through the norm of our everyday lives, our higher awareness will not be able to ground in a balanced way within our day to day lives.  True awareness and understanding, bring true healing and balance, as a way to understand our challenges and triggers.

Our humanity and who we are in our day to day lives are needed for this journey.  Our journey of awakening, is an inner awakening…in the moment to moment of our experiences.


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June 28, 2015

You are a Sensitive  

The Importance of Knowing Yourself


The Importance of Knowing Yourself

As a sensitive, it is vitally important to our well being to know ourselves.  Knowing ourselves means that we have a consistent heads up about our thoughts, feelings, emotions, moods; the highs and the lows, our attitude and any and all secret behaviors, that we may use, when we become saturated with the emotions and feelings from around us, or better yet, when we try to bypass addressing an issue or question in the moment and most important, being aware of our inner feelings, allows for us to set better boundaries.

Each moment, of each and every day, I am constantly reminded of the importance of tending to our emotions, for without consistent attention to this aspect of myself, whatever is going on around me, has the potential of becoming an energy or mood in my personal emotional space, throwing my center of calm and balance off, until I feel like I no longer have control over my own feelings and sensitivity.

In the beginning, when a sensitive becomes aware of their emotions and feelings, they may feel like; what is the point to this kind of focus?  Why bother? Everyone else doesn’t address this part, so why should I?  And the answer is, because if you know that you are emotionally aware and sensitive to people and environments at all times, and you know and feel when you become affected, then it becomes a responsibility to begin to learn/gather/read information that will teach/guide and assist you in becoming informed about your sensitivity, so that you are better able to address the highs and low of your emotions, or address any issues within yourself or with another, in the right and appropriate moment.

People that come into this life extremely sensitive cannot make this sensitivity go away and can not accommodate what others do not understand about this kind of sensitivity.  There are times when what you feel cannot be proved to others as a visual, however, when you finally take the time to learn about your sensitivity, then you begin the journey of navigating through this new understanding of yourself, and you begin to understand that your emotions and feelings are connected to your intuition or a deeper inner knowing.

Healed emotions and feelings, allows for access to our intuition, deeper inner knowing, not as a way to predict outcomes or futures, but to understand how to allow our inner sense to guide us to people, situations and environments that are supportive to this kind of awareness and sensitivity.

When sensitives finally learn how to accept, acknowledge and address this aspect of themselves, you begin to have a better relationship within yourself and with others.  You begin to choose wisely, from an informed place of understanding how to use your energy on a day to day basis.  You begin to choose wisely where you can be and who you can be with; the environments and people that are supportive and understanding and the environments that deeply affect you and can possibly throw your sense of gravity and balance into a tailspin.

Finally, how do you know if you are sensitive and whether or not your sensitivity needs to be addressed? Do you feel pressure in your emotions and feelings?  And if you do feel pressure in your emotions and feelings, how intense does it feel?  Over the last 25 years, due to the nature of my awakening and how I have been soul called; having moved 34 times in 24 years, I have developed a rating system, as a heads up about how I am feeling at all times.

As an extreme sensitive, with emotional and feeling awareness, deep intuition, sensory knowing and the awareness of vibrations, frequencies and energy, this rating system, along with long meditations in the beginning to learn how to enter into quiet and stillness, has been my developed skill set, in maintaining my balance at all times. In the beginning, my rating system on the intensity of feeling was from 1-10 and later 1-20.

As I found myself being called to different areas and living environments, in order to learn about what was my energy field, and what I picked up from others, it later became about rating levels of intensity from 1-10, 1-20, 1-100, 1-200, 1-500, 1-1000.  When I reached higher levels of intensity, this would give me a heads up that not only was I shifting, releasing, realigning and having new sensory knowing coming through, all at the same time, I knew, in these moments it became about amping up my focus.  At times, this focus was on gathering healed information that was right and appropriate to my moment of challenge/negative/obstacles/triggers.  There were many times in the beginning of this process where deep inner work was required to not bypass this level of feeling, pain or discomfort, but to allow the discomfort to be felt all the way to its core, in order to understand the purpose of what was happening, how much of the feeling was mine to work with, how much of what I picked up from another or the environment.

It wasn’t easy, at least not at the beginning of this phase.  I innocently expected my life to be easier because I was intuitively aware.  However, I would soon discover, the more that I did readings, the more classes I taught, the more my inner energy field was changing.  And so, 25 years later, with much, much inner experience at navigating through intense levels of emotions and feelings, I have found my center, through trial and error and a true desire to relieve emotional and feeling pressure, through the inner work of knowing to heal, with understanding and awareness.

As always, learn about your sensitivity.  Read and gather and highlight from your reading material, what has value you to you and where you are in your sensitivity.

When you find what means something to you, highlight it and then put it in a journal.  If you find yourself in a difficult emotion within yourself or another, journal what you are feeling, if you are unable to express what you are feeling with another.  This journal soon becomes your guide to understanding your sensitivity.

This is a step by step process.  There are no shortcuts!  True healing, comes from understanding and working through the triggers and painful emotions, in each moment. And, keep in mind, the more that you read healed information that rings true for you, the more that your mind begins to open, expand and evolve to a new level of healing and understanding.

Be patient and kind with yourself.  Give yourself a chance to learn about your sensitivity.  

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June 7, 2015

 New articles coming soon.


Since March, energies have intensified in ways that I could not even imagine and I am an old pro at the constant realigning and recalibrating on an emotional and sensory level.


Be aware of what you are feeling at all times.  Learn to register the level of intensity that you are feeling.


Stay informed in awareness and understanding to your sensitivity.


Ask yourself how you are feeling, especially when you are around others or not in your own home environment.


Learn the art of meditating, allowing breath to bring stillness, peace and quiet.  Meditation does not need to be an hour long.  It can be a breathing technique, integrated into your regular routine.


It can be an affirmation that you write 10 to 20 times, each day, to teach your mind to focus.  


No matter what, learning how to gather/read/connect to healed, practical and usable information for each trigger point, teaches, guides and assists us in allowing any and all difficulties to become our stepping stones to regaining our balance.



April 5, 2015

 The Importance of Sharing Our Story

It is so important that we begin sharing our unique stories about our awakening. The sense of “dying” while living a physical life, is interesting and at times scary, to say the least.

Each teacher, each healer, each one of us awakening, has a story to tell and to share, for without these stories of healing and awakening, how will others understand what is happening to them and within their lives.

My life has taken me to 34 moves in 25 years, each move, stripping away, and making me raw, open, sensitively hyper feeling, moving me through each step, reconnected to soul blueprinted awareness and knowing, during the hardest times imaginable…all for the express purpose of teaching, guiding, healing and assisting a reconnection back to our soul knowing and yet, as we find ourselves reconnected to our soul guided awareness, we bring this energy, this awareness, this healing to any and all wounds in our emotional and feeling bodies, allowing for wholeness of healing, to become our new foundation.

Not an easy thing to do, especially while living a once what was our “normal” human life. Without our stories to share, how do we find our way? And with enough of our stories shared, the theme that we are not doing anything bad or wrong begins to teach and guide us as to how to navigate through this awakening.

As a minister/guide/ healer/teacher/transmuter/empath, this all just reaffirms and confirms all that is changing for each of us.


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Knowing the Difference Between Skilled and Unskilled Empathic Sensitivity



Due to the extreme sensitivity that many of us are feeling these days, as you read through this, there will be times that some things will be repeated in similar ways. The reason for this, is to teach our minds and logical awareness to understand how to take in new information; to teach our minds how to remain awake through trigger points, challenges, negatives and obstacles and consistently remembering, that no matter what we think we see, it is never the only thing going on in our lives.


As we begin to awaken to the purpose of our sensitivity, we begin to understand that by feeding resonantly healed and appropriate information to the inner pressures of our lives, we learn how to sustain our awakening, regardless of the moment to moment experiences and through each and every emotional and feeling pressure.


There will be times in our awakening when we can work through our trigger with the appropriate loved ones involved in our awakening journey and there will be times when we won’t be able to reach others, while we are being called to our awakening journey…but through it all, we learn how to bring something better to the tapestry of our lives; if only we have the human courage to take a breath and get out of our own way.


In the ascension process, we learn how to see the mirror reflection of others, to learn and discover how we shutdown, what parts of ourselves we shutdown and then how to heal by reading resonant information, pertaining to our lives. We build our inner bridge. We learn how to heal. And what we learn, and how we see the new pieces fit into our lives, creating a stronger foundation of knowing, we are then able share our discoveries, because we know that we authentically participated in our healing.


We learn how to feel safe and comfortable in feeling the pressure of our emotions and feelings and we learn how to be present through feeling it. At times, this won’t be a pretty picture, but again, no matter what we think we see, under the surface, our ascension awakening has its own story to tell us and share with us.


If we are studying with Buddhists Monks in the Himalayas, we must come back to our inner emotions and feelings and connect to appropriately healed information to transform and transmute the emotional pressure to a higher frequency, while living a normal day to day life.


If we are channeling a higher energy, we must come back to our inner selves and connect to appropriately healed information to transform and transmute the emotional pressure to a higher frequency, which can only be done in our absolute now and present moment; within our emotions and feeling body, within our normal day to day life.


No matter our profession, credentials and station in life, we must absolutely come back to the emotional pressures and apply appropriately resonant, healed and updated information, to transform and transmute our experience, in the moment, to create a stronger foundation.


It is from this foundation, that our soul begins to talk to us and whatever our dreams are, not only do we get to have them, but we get to have them the right way, with all the weeds and uninformed information, that created this shutdown within us in the first place.


We must, must, must teach our minds to understand what it means to be an empathic sensitive, and then as we integrate this understanding, naturally within our everyday lives, finally…it becomes a natural part of our everyday logical and normal experience…we learn that no matter the trigger or the experience, or the charge or the challenge, again…we go to healed and resonant information, to be applied in the moment to the experience…


Yes, to our logical minds/3D/shadow/egos, I ask you, how redundant can this be??? I mean seriously…and yet, after 25 years and the acceptance of the many levels of intuition/sensitivity/awareness and sensory perception that I carry and hold, no matter where I go, what I learn, what I think I know, the pressure always calls me back within; to tune in, check in a come back into appropriate alignment to inner soul knowing; through our emotional and feeling body.


All of us come into this life with some form of sensitivity. This awareness to sensitivity is a form of feeling intuition. From a very logical and practical perspective, there is also more than one level of intuition/sensitivity.


So, before getting more into sharing the difference between skilled and unskilled sensitivity, I would like to share in their most practical and logical definitions the many different levels of intuition/sensitivity that we may carry within our everyday “normal” life.


Each level that I share below is a form of “feeling intuition.” Before we are skilled in our sensitivity feeling, at some level we are aware that we are feeling “something” before it makes itself known to our everyday normal life and normal seeing.


What is emotional intelligence? It is the ability to perceive reason, understand and manage our emotions. It’s the ability to tune into our own emotions and the awareness of others emotions and feelings and knowing the difference between the two, so that we are in constant state of alignment to our inner thinking and actions; attitudes and behaviors, emotional highs and lows, starting within ourselves first!


What is empathic awareness? It is the ability to perceive, sense and feel in a very direct way the emotions and feelings of others, without trying to deliberately tune in or feel.


What is a sensitive? A sensitive is someone that feels life deeply and can become overloaded and overwhelmed when in chaotic, active or busy environments. A sensitive is someone that feels all aspects of life all the time.


What is clairsentience? It is the ability to all of a sudden feel a gut instinct or reaction to a feeling, that has nothing to do with the state of mind that your in, in your now and present moment.


What is psychic awareness? Psychic awareness is literally a conscious comprehension of the life force or Spirit within us, and the power of the human mind.


What is intuition? A gut feeling or a hunch; a sensation that appears out of no where…consciousness (noticeable enough to be acted on if one chooses to) without us being fully aware of the underlying reasons for its happenings. Intuition is like the tide going out in the ocean and long before the tide comes back in, you are already having a heads up that there is something going on.


What is metaphysics? Metaphysics is a type of philosophy or study that uses broad concepts to help define reality and our understanding of it. Metaphysical studies generally seek to explain inherent or universal elements of reality which are not easily discovered or experienced in our everyday life.


What is spirituality? The essence of spirituality is the discoveries to know our true selves. Spirituality is about the deeper understanding of our fears, pain, need, expectations, and the fear of neglect, abandonment and being alone. Learning about the deeper aspects of our personality, allows for healing of patterns and imprinting picked up along our way, while life is happening. Spirituality assists us in understanding the purpose and meaning to difficult challenges/life changes that come into our life.


What is enlightenment? The attainment of spiritual knowledge and insight to our very direct life experiences.


What is consciousness? The state of being awake and aware of all aspects of your life, including how our soul is guiding us to the right path for our life, from deep within, again starting with us, from within first!


What is ascension awakening? In its most basic, basic definition, ascension awakening is about the understanding that there is purpose and meaning to the difficulties’ of our lives and that these difficulties are the direct result of us evolving to a greater state of being and living, however, within the ascension process, we are being called to heal all of the patterns of our emotional past, so that our feeling body is then able to feel, sense and know what our soul blueprint and intuition are guiding us toward, without the filtering system of our egos/logic/3D/shadow side.


Now, please remember, that these are just very, very basic definitions to show our minds/logic/shadow/3D perceptions, how we begin to evolve to deeper levels of understanding, each step overlaying and evolving onto the next step of “intuition” and development, as our emotions are provoked into feeling more, than is normal to our everyday life and also keep in mind, that what I share in my articles, comes from how the pressures of sensitivity called to my life. 


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 January 5, 2015

(originally posted on 12/21/12)

It felt very appropriate to repost.


It’s been awhile since I have sat down to write anything. These days, the inner and the shifting energies are calling for more and more of my attention. There are days when my days don’t feel long enough to accomplish all that needs accomplishing for these very new, very interesting, often times, very challenging times, as we are pushed through the evolution of our own humanity, and there are times where my days are too long and wonder if turning back the hands of time would bring me back to my very innocent and sensitive “ignorance.” When all the dark was released from Pandora’s Box, I would soon discover, that HOPE was there waiting for discovery.


For many years, each time anyone approached me about the meaning of December 2012 and the end of life on the planet, I would say the same thing over and over again…life IS NOT ENDING on Planet earth, but evolving and changing and calling us to evolve and change deep within our own humanity; going where no human has gone before; deep within their emotional and feeling bodies.  It is now January, 2015 and this applies even more now.


What is ending is our not residing in our bodies, in the now and present moment. What is ending is not being in tuned to our emotions and our feelings and how when they push at us, it is not because we are being naughty little children, but to acknowledge and accept if we are heeding the silent/quiet and subtle advice that our emotions and feelings are calling for and the best steps forward we can take for ourselves, our lives and our path; soul’s journey.


In the earlier stages of my awakening, that I DID NOT know was my awakening; which made what was happening to me, in my life so much more painful, turned out to be an awakening. What tripped me up was applying the wonderful New Age concepts of “manifesting our desires and creating our reality,” to an awakening that had its own timing, it’s own steps to feeling so much and finally realizing and accepting that this was not happening for me in the way that I wanted, in the way that I EXPECTED and in the way it was happening for my friends…soul blueprinted knowing and living goes beyond the innocence and simplicity of creating our reality. 


All the changes/obstacles/negatives and challenges contained stepping stones, to a much deeper inner journey to understanding the purpose and the push of intense emotions and feelings; everyday and every moment of my life.


I was awakening at a time, when I thought and at times believed my friends were “putting” their stuff onto me, when in reality, I was now becoming aware of energy signatures and individual life paths.


I/we have moved 34 times in 24 years. I have had friends and family come and go in my/our life like it was a revolving door…so painful, so very challenging, so incredibly disheartening and yet, my life wasn’t a revolving door because anyone of us did anything wrong, but because my life was about coming into a deeper understanding about what it means to be an ultra sensitive empath; generating one too many levels of emotional and feeling awareness, intuition and sensory perception and feeling and how to create my life from a healed and much more inner awareness and approach to life.


I have seen and experienced human behavior at its worst; in terms of turning a blind eye to imprinting and patterns of behavior, without a care in the world and yet, now know on a more practical level, that unless we start listening to our emotions and feelings, allow ourselves to become our own inner guide on our journey; begin to apply healed and updated information to our logical minds and in a sense healing our emotions and our feelings, we will continue to see what is happening to life, through the eyes of our pain.


Living the life of an ultra sensitive empath means that we must feel our way through what will work for us, at a much deeper level. Living the life of a very sensitive empath, is not a get out of jail free card and doesn’t make us better than anyone else, it just means that we must be in tuned to how our emotions and feelings are calling to us, what appropriately healed information that we can apply to each challenging emotion and acknowledge that this kind of sensitivity is a step by step process and one size definitely does not fit all. The push is there to teach and guide us on how to take a step back, come off the grid/mainstream a bit and allow our inner voice to guide us.


Yes, this time is about becoming ONE, however, we CANNOT become ONE, if we don’t allow ourselves the time to seek out what healed information that will align us to our inner soul path and soul blueprint.


There are many levels of awareness. No level is better than or worse than another. They are just levels. As we allow ourselves to seek out a better understanding to these levels, these levels now become a part of our integration and understanding in the most practical and logical aspects of our lives….but living in our bodies; living in places where we need more light, this is what this time is calling for…it’s not about being positive and wishing love and light on our challenges. It’s about asking what our challenges are trying to communicate to us; bringing in the appropriate understanding to the challenge/healing the challenge and effectively transmuting the challenge/with this new found understanding and then living in this new understanding, to the very best of our human abilities. The challenges do not stop because we applied it once…each time a challenge appears and forces and pushes us to feel, it is to understand and gather appropriate information to the moment and the experience, until we begin to create a new tapestry of our life, through our soul guided knowing.


Finally, 2015 is not about finding a place to hide, but finding a way to heal, understand and live a more heart centered and soul guided life.


Our emotions and feelings are there for a reason and it took me 29 years and many, many experiences; some so disheartening and challenging and yet, miraculously found my way through it, once I allowed myself to let go of the New Age and allow for my soul to guide me in what this time really meant.


We are descending healing and love in our very now and present moment, through our emotional and feeling bodies. This is the new energy and this is the new time and from there, as we heal, our soul begins to guide us on creating our reality from healed insight and wisdom and manifesting our desires, because they are connected to the heart/light and wisdom of our souls.


With one step at a time and breath by breath…

To Our New Beginnings.













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